help with the second cycle


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hi,im planning to start a cycle of 8weeks of
dbol at 30mg/day (for the first three weeks only),testenath250mg/week,deca 200mg/week.nolvadex at 10mg(in case gyno appears) a day.
this is my second cycle my first one last year was only test enath at 250mg/week for 8weeks no gyno problem .i did gain couple of pounds that i lost after, because i didnt do no post cycle therapy (pct) .im sure i learn from that mistake .
i workout 5days a week for the last three years
35 yo,175lb,bf 11percent,

my question is what do u think about this cycle is it enough to make up some gains of10 to 15lb or not??
I'd like to point out that in your previous cycle you did test without gyno, and now you are doing the same amount of test with deca and d-bol, with nolva as an anti-E. This could possibly be a mistake. Since the first cycle didn't give you gyno, and now you are adding deca, any gyno could very well be progesteron-related from the deca. In that case, the nolva won't help. However, you are also adding d-bol in the mix. In that case the nolva WOULD help. Therefore I would drop either the d-bol OR deca on your second cycle.

As a second note, I feel your cycle is too short and your dosage too low. I am not surprised you gained little on your first cycle. I see no point in depressing your natural hormones with low dosages, that are too low to trigger any decent gains. If I were you, I would just run test enan at 500mg/week for 12 weeks.
Thoms said:
. If I were you, I would just run test enan at 500mg/week for 12 weeks.

I agree. forget all other stuff and go with this cycle for 12 weeks. Many have gained 15-25lbs on this cycle while bulking (individual results may vary lol). Diet is key to gaining mass.
thanks for ur reply .i think ill drop the dianabol since i dont want to take no chance with my liver. so if i keep the deca at 250mg and test enath at 250mg do i still need nolvadex running through the cycle or not.thanks for ur reply.
no for prolactin sides id go with something like cabergoline, but its kinda pricey, therefore if it was me id say run it like this if you really want 2 compounds: weeks 1-12 test e 250 mgs 2x a week
weeks 1-6 d-bol 25-30 mg's ed
The nolvadex will help if gyno occurs, but why chance it personally with the price of ai's like adex from research sites now id buy a bottle of that and run it low throughout and use the nolva only if needed, otherwise just for pct. Good luck bro