here are the vids...enjoy

the squat you mean? yeah, i couldn't get the table to be placed behind me again, like the view from the rack pulls. sucks really. sorry
welcome and thank you too! I try my best to have a nice form in every lifts. sure, there are mistakes, but hey, that's what you guys are here teach me and that's a big thing. thanks again!

new vids up. rack press and yeah, it was an honest/stupid mistake for not locking that rack bar that you see moving in the 2nd vid and yeah, it did gave and the 'ol "one side with plates gone while the other is still hanging there" thingie happened. good thing I wasn't hurt or it would be devastating...or a lolage. that vid was caught on my cam but since i'm not into them bloopers, i deleted it. haha! enjoy
AngryMuscles said:
new vids up. just sumo deads..checking my form so enjoy..or at least try..haha!

you pullin too far. stop at vertical. the prob with pullin so far is your knees can unlock and plus you pulling the bar further up your legs than you have to. check out the 2 clips i posted in the 1st frame.
very first post in this thread.

you want the bar as close to the ground as possible at lockout. dont lean back when you locked out.