High blood pressure and fast heart rate


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50 year old male in overall good health. No significant health issues of any kind. Need to lose about 25 pounds. Never on any prescription drugs besides occasional antibiotics. Non drinker/non smoker my entire life. I look 10 years younger than my age.

November of 2017 I went to an anti-aging medical clinic. My testosterone level was 130. The doctor prescribed 200 mg testosterone cypionate a week, divided into 3 doses M, W, F. Over the next few weeks my heart rate and blood pressure really shot up, as well as having shortness of breath during simple tasks. At the time I wondered but didn't know for sure if it was a result of the testosterone or not as the anti-aging clinic discounted it being the case. A few more weeks went by and I ended up checking myself into the E.R. during the holiday season due to the above really getting out of control. I thought I was having a heart attack or blocked arteries. At rest heart rate was 130ish, sky high blood pressure, and out of breath just walking up the stairs in our home. By this time I had quit the weekly injections a week or two previous. I had a coronary angiogram and it came back just fine. No hint of arterial plaque. I was monitored for a few days, given some blood pressure medication and sent home. The cardiologist told me that the testosterone could have been the culprit. I asked if it would be ok to eventually resume treatment and he said yes but after my heart rate and blood pressure was under control and to start with a lower dose. It took a month or more before my heart rate went back below a 100 bpm without medication.

Fast forward to October 2018: Four weeks ago I had my levels checked again and they were still just as low as before. Three weeks ago I started 100 mg of testosterone (50 mg every 3.5 days). I did one injection on Monday and one on Friday,. I decided to go with an even lower dosage just to be safe. So, I dropped to 80 mg (40 mg every 3.5 days). However, I didn't make it to my second dose on Friday because my heart rate and blood pressure shot right up again as it did last year, along with shortness of breath. It's been 18 days since my first dose and my heart rate and blood pressure is just now calming back down.

What is going on? How typical is this? Why such a harsh reaction? Dosage still too large? Am I not metabolizing as I should? Allergic to the cottonseed oil? Should I switch to a different delivery method? Would starting with hcg injections instead of testosterone and then slowly ramping up to testosterone with the hcg be helpful? Can IncreaseMyT.com help with this? Or am I doomed to not being able continue with testosterone replacement therapy?
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The same thing has happened to me in the past. I only noticed it at rest, my pulse should have been about 60-ish and would hover around 85.

Went away after a while, don't know if that's because of time or because of managing estrogen to where it should be.

100 mg/wk shouldn't be too high of a dose, if it was me I'd try that for a month or so and get a blood test to see where it put my testosterone and estrogen.
The low dose you are taking should not be affecting your heart in the way you are describing. You need to get complete bloodwork done and see where everything else is at. I doubt the testosterone is causing this. You might have some other issue with the thyroid, estrogen, or other things.