How long after last injection to have TRT blood work done


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Hi, I'll just go through my story briefly otherwise I'd be here all day.

I'm 37yo and a competitive powerlifter who's dabbled in Russian Sports Supps over the last few years and am looking down the barrel at starting HRT.

I've never abused Testosterone. Normally cruising on 200mg Test E per week while off season and bump it up to 600mg 10 weeks out from competition, reverting to 200mg immediately after the comp is over.

18 months ago I decided to try for HRT and came off all together to get my blood work done. Crashed pretty hard and my tests came back at 6.2. Went and saw an Endo who refused to prescribe me TRT and suggested patches which did nothing. Over the next 3 months while trying his method, I suffered from severe Anxiety, non existent libido, no motivation, the lot. Had bloods done again and they were up to 7 but I didn't feel any different at all, I actually felt worse. Another $250 visit to be told things were working and continue with the patch's......

I couldn't continue on the path I was going on, so I started self medicating again with 200mg / wk and everything fell back into place. Back to my normal self.

Now I've managed to get into one of the top HRT doctors in the country and first things first, I have to do bloodwork.

Question I wanted to ask was, how long after my last injection should I wait before doing bloods to ensure they are at their lowest point. Last injection was 200mg Test E. The receptionist recommended 10 days, although I would have thought more like 3 weeks.

Appreciate any insight on this. Thank You.


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I am unsure of the exact math but it's definitely more thay 10 days. Something more along the lines of a month. That's when recommendations to start PCT start so the drpp is into normal test levels. The injections pile up on top of each other and it depends on how your body processes them. At 20 days there is still 50mg of the injection left. Possibly 6-8 weeks if you are looking for truly low levels.
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This chart may help. I didn't know exactly what your injection schedule is, so assumed you were cruising for some time at 200 mg Test E once per week. This shows last shot at beginning of week #8

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If "normal" is your body producing 10mg/day testosterone, then that is about equal to 14 on this chart. You bleed down to 14-ish in two weeks after last shot. After three weeks 8.2, four week 5.0, five weeks 3.1, six week 1.9 and so on.

So the answer depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want the injected test to be down near zero it would take eight weeks or so. At some point your body will start producing it's own testosterone, so you can imagine there would be another line on this chart that starts at zero and starts to build up over time. Where those would cross and where you'd reach some equilibrium I don't know.


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Thanks for both those replies. Along the lines of what I was thinking.

Yes I was cruising at 200mg per week for some time. That graph helps heaps thanks. And your right, at some time my body will start producing some of it's own Test during that time. My next appointment isnt' due until July so I have time up my sleeve. I'll leave it 4 weeks just to be sure.