How long does Deca take to kick in?

I always FL deca or EQ, Even to go as far as doubling week 1's dose, and upping week 2's dose to 1.5, then getting on my cycle dose.
PharmaBolic said:

How long does Deca take to kick in? I am injecting 1 sus / 1 deca 2ml/100mg a week?

Thank you
Isn't this something you should have found out before you started?
I think deca should absolutely, positively be front loaded.

Deca certainly wouldn't be my first choice for an anabolic. The problems are 1) if not loaded, it takes so long to build up to max theraputic effect, and 2) nandrolone is already very (HTPA) inhibitory, and because of the deconate ester, it takes a LONG time for blood levels to fall to a point where effective natural testosterone recovery can begin.

If I had to do another deca cycle, I would front load with 3x in the first week and then replace it with testosterone propionate for the last 4 weeks of my 8 week cycle.