How many grams of Carbohydrates/day for cutting?

Depends on how much your weight is what type of carbs you are consuming and how much and when. I use the Glycemic index for my carb sources. This lets you know how fast the carbs will actually turn into glucose in your body. also the GL (Glycemic load) is something to look at. If you take in low to Moderate GI the Gl should be low to moderate in most cases. But for dieting down, cutting up for what ever use the GI and then go from there. I am dieting down right now as a matter of fact. I weighed in at 186lbs w/ a 34" waist. I am now sitting at 174-175lbs with a 31" waist and much stronger than before. Carb consuption for me was 112g per day spread over 6 meals 3hrs apart. Go to for the GI index and let me know how it trns out if you need more help. NOTE: LOW GI/GL carbs before bed!! Good luck
Great post Edhead ;)

W& Z: I know YOU know this by now brother....but everyone's different. I'm the kinda bro that BLOWS up on for me, I cut on about 50-75 day MAX of good carbs (mainly greens and very-high fiber bread when I have a starch craving).

Incorporate some ALA + CLA into your cutting diet. It makes a substantial difference in how the carbs you injest are metabolized.

Since proper glucose disposal is so pertinent when cutting, these will serve as an excellent glucose disposal agent and fascilitate your carb depleting efforts.

Good luck W & Z.......dieting blows!!! LOL..............:p
CLA is is a pretty good supp. I use it too also some EFA's as well you can really tell the least I do. I also use Animal Cuts because of its thermogenic properties. I will lok into the ALA, thanks for the help.:D