Can I take low dose of deca for joimt pain on an anavar / test cycle?


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I am prescribed TRT and am on 250 mg per week test cyp. Believe it or not, I'm also prescribed Anavar 50 mg (split into 2-3x a day) for the next 2 months by my hormone doctor due to a bulging disc that we thought would put me out for a while, but it went away fairly quickly. So now I'm doing a cut.

I am also prescribed deca (200mg a week for 1 month then 100mg deca and 250 trt will be my standard protocol after that) , specifically for joint pain but have not started using it yet. ...

Man my knees and elbows are killing me right now. I know it doesnt make sense to do deca and anavar.... but I've read that 50 mg of deca can help with joint pain. Would it still be counter productive to start 50 mg deca during my anavar cycle without it interfering with my cut or should I wait till its done? (after that I would raise the dose of deca per the doctors orders)

Side Note... is it harder to lose weight on Anavar? I know a "cut" is cutting fat and not necessarily cutting "weight" but I noticed im not losing a ton of weight despite being on a deficit? Diet and Lifting are on point. Is it just bc Im likely gaining muscle and losing fat? At this deficit, I'd typically be losing 2.5 pounds a week and Im staying the same or maybe losing half a point tops right now. Great to recomp, but I still have too much weigh on me and at some point legit have to get 15 pounds of body weight off as I do crossfit and having extra weight isnt conducive towards overall performance
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