How may times per week for ABS?

Silverback316 said:
I think 1 maybe 2 times is just fine. It's a muscle like anything else so I treat it like any other muscle.

exactly, i hate those stupid ignorant pieces of shit at the gym who i tell this two, but they refuse to listen, cause apparenty the abs are different
I train mine about once every five days. Mine get so sore because I really put the smack down on them. It takes about 5 days to recover before I can do them again!!
Abs are like any other muscle and need time to recover therefore I would never train them more than twice a week. My advice is hit them hard and keep rest periods between sets low. Abs recover between sets quickly and thus respond better to short intense sessions of stimulus.
i train them when i rember to, or feel like it, which works out to maybe 2x a month, lol