How much nolva for post cycle therapy?


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I know this has been posted before, but the search function is down. I am going to use Nolva for my post cycle therapy. But im not sure how much I shoiuld use. This was a fina only cycle.
Are you jsut using it post-cycle or have you been running a low dose of Nolva (10-20mg's ed) throughout your cycle?
One thing with nolva, is that it is important to taper, becuase you can get an estrogen rebound. I would start off fairly high
Day 1) 100mg
Day 2-7) 80mg
Day 8-11) 60mg
Day 12-14) 40mg
Day 15) 20mg
Day 16) 10mg
Day 17) 5mg
I use nolva for my post cycle recovery
I use 40 mg a day for two weeks and taper down to 20 a day for the next two weeks
i used nolva for post cycle last cycle didnt use clomid either i liked alot bettter seemed to recover better for some reason. iused it like this
week1 20mg a day
week2 40mg a day
week3 20mg a day
week4 10mg a day

hope this helps