How to lose a bit of fat off my stomach


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Hey everyone,

I need to know the best way to lose the last little bit of fat over my stomach. I train lots, running for 30 minutes sometimes 5 times per week, and I'm fairly ripped aside from my stomach. My abs are strong, and my diet is sound, but i just can't seem to lose this thin layer of fat that is covering my abs. What does anyone recommend? Supplements, cutting gel, different routines?

Please give me some feedback
Some E/C or some N/Y/C might do the trick.

You could also try yohimburn (although I've never tried it, I do hear people raving about the results).
i'd try yohimburn too.

we should make some pressure to get rebates for us canadians with yohimburn.

it costs a lot and it's US money at AF.

if I could get some yohimbine powder, which is illegal OTC in Canada, I would make my own home-made ripping gel.

nyway, looking for some way to get hand on it and not spending a fortune :)
Fawk supps... they will help a lil, but won't do it for you... you need solid diet to be your primary concern...

It's likely you hit a sticking point on a balanced diet... I know I do at ~9 or 10%... go low carb or CKD for 4-6 wks, don't cheat, and that should have you and your abdomen looking good.