How would YOU use QV Stan 100??


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Hey bros,

Got a hold of 1 20ml jug of QV stan 100. I was planning on doing a Winstrol (winny) only cycle just to harden up and get cut. Don't care much about weight gain, as opposed to just being more vascular and solid. Got all necessary supps (protein/liv prot/udo's oil/GA-chondroiton) and have had diet/training in check for 5 weeks in preparation...

I was planning on just drinking the shit because I don't want my ass to be a pin cushion, nor do i want to site inject anywhere else...

I got it from a secondary source who told my friend this should last for about 8 weeks - but from what i learned off the boards, that doesn't add up or even sound right (I think the source recommends at 30mg/day)...

How would YOU take it orally? I'm assuming 0.5 ml = 50 mg. But i know i should space it out through the should i pull out 0.25 ml at a time?

Would you opt for a 7 week cycle at 40mg/day (which seems about how much I would have) or a little less than 6 weeks at 50 mg/day?

Thanks bros...looking to start this shit soon.
Well 100mg/20ml bottle would equal 50mg/40ml(40 doses)......a little under 6 weeks. If you are taking it orally then divide the dose twice daily, taking 25mgs in the morning and evening!
Poke yourself once a day with 50 Mg/Day..

Glutes, Thighs and Delts.. Shouldnt have shit for pain if the Gear is good..