HTPA help (new question)


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ive been off my cycle now for 4 weeks tommorow. it was enanthate 750 mgs a week, eq 600mgs a week, anadrol 75 mgs a day first 4 weeks. now i dont seem to not have any test in me. im still horney and having sex with no problems getting it up or anything. shouldnt i be like dieing from lack of test or is some still in my system or is my natural test just all of a sudden bounced back? i wanted to start clomid therapy but i figured i would wait till i noticed a lack of test or something. need some help on what to do should i start or wait another week. thanks guys

Start the clomid therapy asap. Just because you still have a good sex drive does NOT mean your natural test is producing at optimum levels (because its not). I would be more concerned about loss of size and strength over sex drive (but that's just me, and my priorities are kinda whacky) :p
Definitly get on the cloms or some may not be completely shut down, but do you honestly think it bounced back that quick on it's own?