I dont grow :( - frustrated as F**k


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Thats right, its one of these threads.

Of course you will want stats. Gotta warn, pretty pathetic because as the title says I just don't grow.

Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 126.6 lbs
Waist: 28"
Upper arms: 10.5"
Chest: 32.5"
Quads: 18.5"
Bodyfat (according to my digital callipers after averaging x3 complete 3-point readings): 6.8%

Way im built: short stumpy legs, long torso, narrow shoulders, long scrawny arms, textbook ectomorph, very tiny frame smaller than most girls (my love life sucks BTW)

Lifestyle: My work involves no physical activity at all. I dont do much activity in the winter. In the summer I free dive a lot which burns a ton of calories. I take walks daily all year but we are talking maybe 2-3km, and just walking never jogging.

Okay now you want to see my diet, because of course thats the problem (ive read enough of these types of threads);

GOMAD 1 gallon whole milk every day ONTOP of the following

x3 meals of following;

8 oz. beef/chicken/fish/pork
2 cups whole milk (part of GOMAD)
60g of carbs (sources vary, usually whole wheat pasta or rice, sometimes whole wheat bagels or yams)
Sometimes veggies, dont factor the macros, or will drink 2 cups V8 juice

Pre workout:
I keep it light otherwise lethargy becomes an issue for me regarding workout energy, usually just a protein shake with creatine, about 40g protein

I drink Scivation Extend BCAA + 2 heaping tablespoons of dextrose or mix it into gatorade, just for some simple carbs

Post workout (always within 15-20 minutes after working out)
3 scoops PVL Mutant Mass
2 heaping tablespoons of dextrose
3 cups of whole milk (Part of GOMAD)
2 tablespoons liquid coconut oil
1/2 cup of raisins
1 banana
1 apple
1 cup apple sauce

As you can see PWO I focus heavily on simple carbs for the insulin spike. Google Mutant Mass for the macros of that.

I always try to make sure i've got my gallon of whole milk emptied by bedtime. I drink it between meals also, straight from the jug. When I get to the last swig in the jug I often squirt 1-2 tbsp of liquid coconut oil into it just for good measure.

What, the, fuck, is, wrong, with, my, body?

Im sorry for the swearing but im extremely frustrated. Not only do I not gain muscle I DONT EVEN GAIN FAT?

Observations: I get extremely hot when I eat. I mean hot like I start sweating even just sitting. It starts about 20-30 minutes after ingesting food, my body turns into an oven. Lasts on average 90 minutes or so, then fades away over 60 minutes or so. Also I do not get side effects from the milk, no bloating, no diarrhea, no gas, no acne. My body tolerates milk very well.

My goals: I just want to reach 150lbs with sub 10% BF. Thats it. Seems like a totally reasonable goal to me except totally impossible to achieve. Maybe its unreasonable.

My history: I've been training on/off since I was 14 years old. Ive never made much progress ever. The most progress I ever made was when I was about 17 I underwent ridiculous leg growth at one point. In a span of maybe 4-6 weeks my legs went from chicken legs to ripping through my skin. I developed upwards of 6 different rows of stretch marks still visible to this day on the sides of my hips, glutes, and upper thighs. I even developed a stretch mark on the muscle knob right above the knee cap. I was taking a ZMA supplement which caused me a host of side effects; sprouted bodyhair all over (was hairless prior), my testicles hurt/stung during orgasm, and my attitude become cocky and aggressive (everyone who knew me complained I had become a "prick"). To be honest I felt FANTASTIC. I suspect in retrospect the supplement may have been spiked with something, as ive never gotten that sort of effect from taking any ZMA supplement since. But maybe it just had to do with my young age at the time combined with taking ZMA.

During that time I was training legs twice a week; squats->leg press->leg extensions. I believe 3-4 sets, about 8 reps a set. Every set to failure. Drop setting the last set per exercise. Eating 3500 calories a day. I have never gotten any notable upper body growth - ever. Even all that squatting never seemed to impact my upper body.

Critique away guys. I dont know if its my diet or my training thats wrong. Im well educated on diet and it seems my diet should be causing lots of growth... but it doesn't. Even if my training was way off, shouldnt I at least be getting fat?

For fuck sakes im tired of being so tiny, everyone tells me "you need to gain weight man!" then they see me eat all the time and they never get how im so small. Not to be crude here but I take shits so big they clog my toilet on a weekly basis. My toilet was not even designed to swallow the size of shits I take. Yet i'm pint-sized.


Should I go see a doctor? I kind of want a hormone panel. Is my thyroid stupidly over-active? Is there some endocrine-related explanation for me? Why do I get SOOOO hot when I eat? Its the equivalent of throwing wood into a fire. Im tired of people saying "you just have a fast metabolism, it will slow down as you get older", fuck that, I got older, and it ain't slowed. Theres gotta be some other explanation? Do I have rock bottom T-levels? I mean damn.

Thanks in advance.
Get bloodwork done. I personally would and have dropped all the supplements. Eat big. Meat and potatoes. Lift like a motherfucker and sleep good.
Hey mate yea i would be of to get some bloods done mate but in saying that what are your genetics like are your mother farther also smaller people ??? I know what its like not being happy with your physical apperince and its not fun hopefully this site will be able to help you lots of useful knowledge on here goodluck brother
Get bloodwork done. I personally would and have dropped all the supplements. Eat big. Meat and potatoes. Lift like a motherfucker and sleep good.

This is really it ^^^ what tbonexl said to do. Without blood work we can't say much and you doctor will need bloods. I have had that problem of sweats when I eat but it has stopped now that my hormones are a bit more in balance.
Welcome aboard and good luck :wavey:
my 2 cents .. try to NOT eat like a physique model or the guys you see on body building****. . stay away from their clean eating approach and dump all the veggies (for now) . . lean beef, lean chicken, and rice and veggies is a diet for those maintaining their 6 pack abs physique .. Screw that , you need to get extreme and down and dirty.

For breakfast , fuk it just eat an entire meat lovers pizza , fur lunch eat a big fatty cut of 16 oz prime rib steak with a ton of mash potatoes all covered in gravy,, instead of lean cuts of 8oz chicken thighs , buy the whole damn chicken and eat the whole thing (all the fat and skin too) .
don't fill yourself up on veggies ,, take a fiber supplement. you need all the room in your gut you can handle for real food . . and then train for hypertrophy in the gym , plenty of volume and intensity to grow.. and DO NOT DO CARDIO at this time.

Also , go get your testosterone levels checked .. I had low T and weighed 147 pounds and never could put on weight for years (though I was a cardio athlete) ,, then I got on TRT and ate and trained like a mofo and added an easy 45 pounds.

** eating dirty like I mention above does not mean eating junk food ,, stay away from processed crap , eat REAL food you buy at a farmers market of fresh produce section of the grocery store ,, don't eat a bag of processed candy or pop tarts for breakfast .. just good organic CALORIE DENSE food (fat, protein, and carbs)
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You're telling us that the meat and milk ALONE giving you close to 4 THOUSAND calories alone isn't adding anything to your frame? Dude, I'm 200lbs heavier than you, and that's more than I take in.

I think you need to reevaluate exactly how much you're eating. Even if you had low T, you should be putting on fat if anything.

Math: 24oz chicken = 1600 cals, ground beef =~2100 cals.
Milk = 150 cals per cup (whole) x 16 in a gallon = 2400 cals total.

Even if you've got super hyperthyroidism, no way should you be maintaining with those calories PLUS the additional carbs and other stuff you're taking in.
I showed a good mate your post and he made a good point about you getting hot when you eat with all that food and milk you drink how much water do you drink you could be getting dehydrated with all that milk and food also at your size eating all that protein could be bad for your liver and kidneys even if you are drinking alot of water