I need tips for using HGH


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Hello guys....
Can i take HGH with 8IUs a day (4 post workout 4 before sleep) for 4 months? 2 months for bulking and 2 months for shredding?
Just thought I'd ask the question and get it out of the way for those who are interested please continue reading.
I've been using anabolic steroids for some time and it shifted between bulking and shredding and i had great results.
My body is still some place in between like 18% bodyfat and 45% lean muscle with the fat mostly present in my middle section. Dont give me that "six packs are made in the kitchen" kind of crap i already know that and i went through a strict 9 month diet and i did get results but not as much as i expected.
So i'm concidering HGH with anabolic steroids for better results but i still dont know if i should use it for Bulking or Shredding or if i can use it as i said above in my question.
Am thinking maybe 2 months HGH + Trenbolone + Boldanone + Testo enanthiate (my previous bulking cycle) and then 2 months HGH + winstrol + anavar + testo propanate (my previous shredding cycle)
What do you guys think?


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8 IU is a very high dose, you could cut it in half and run twice as long and see the benefits.

There have been posts on here saying dosing schedule doesn't matter, but my theory was to take half in the morning and half at night.


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Yeah i guess you are right but still some people talk about 15 and 25 IUs and those doses that are really insane...
Anyway thanks for your reply but i wanted to know if its possible to go through it 2 month bulking then 2 months shredding


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I like Tankmanbob's idea, of running a Lower Dose of HGH for a longer period of time.

And you can still get Lean Gains on Test/Tren/EQ, it's just a matter of Diet.
I'm personally on a Test Cyp/Tri-Tren/EQ/HGH Cycle, and I'm right around 12% Body Fat.
Still gaining a some Muscle while Losing Fat.

The Absolute Last Thing you want to do @ 18% Body Fat is Bulk.
As it puts Enormous Strain on your Heart/Liver/and Kidneys................................ JP
I started my HGH @ 3 IU's around 3 Months before my Cycle.
Cycle will be 20 Weeks, then I'll continue the HGH.

Have you run a Serum HGH Bloodtest, to check the Quality of your HGH ?
If not, you can do that via PrivateMdLabs, and check their Facebook Page for a 15% Off Promo Code for Online Orders Only.


bro im like 3% bf i swear
If you find real hgh (run a lab test to prove it) i**** read the board rules **£
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