initial bulking results


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ive always had a super thin waist..even when i have geotten bigger in teh past from lifting. lately ive increase my diet(i dont want to look athleticly built anymore, i want to be BIG), and im eatign a LOT more, im bulking naturally. ive been gettign stronger...but most my weight in the past month seems to be mostly going to my stomach.

is that normal? this might sound stupid question...but this is my first time doing real bulking from a a masive eating diet, and the first time ive seen my lower abdomanal area look a lot thicker. do i need to work out more frequently to burn off stomach calories, or do more abs?
You can't spot reduce but having strong abs is always a good thing especially for heavier squats and deadlifting. Work your abs, tweak your diet a bit, keep it fairly clean if you are gaining too much in the waist, up the intensity in the gym all of these things will help.
Yoga Boat helps big time I have the same problem. Another way around it is work the hell out of your lats so the illusion of your upper body is better. you want the v
Well if your eating too many cals some of it is going to be stored as fat. If you notice too much fat gain, it means your probably eating too much (yes, you can do that!).

You can either alter your diet or alter your training to adapt.
Your macros are probably out of wack. Give us the breakdown (pro/fat/carb). Are you doing any type of carb cutoff at night? Are you eating clean low gi carbs only (besides PWO)? How many calories are you above mainenance? Are you doing cardio?
you said it yourself, you want to be BIG, so youre going overboard with the calories thinking that more food = more muscle, which is true to a point, but youre not going to gain more than a pound of muscle every 2 weeks or so. Just get more realistic with the cals.
If you're natural and you're already quiet big, it gets difficult to grow without gaining fat. You just have to take it slow. Maybe you can gain 20 lbs in 1 year and then cut down 10 lbs of fat.