injecting in delts

Delts are great! But then again, I like bi's and tri's, too.
Seriously, though, the delts provide plenty of mass for a 1" 25 or 23 gauge pin. They're easy, too.

Oh, yes, and lest StoneCold beat me to it: try the ventro-gluteal approach at the hip!!
I find it a little ackward.....but you know what they say......practise makes perfect.

Plus IMO, the more injection sites you can use, the less frequently you have to use the same ones over and that's a good thing.
I bleed like a mother in the delts, and it seems the knots take longer to disapate. But, i still do them. Bis are my fave. I have also found my rear delts to be fairly painless in injecting, its a little akward at first though. Turn sideways in the mirror, push your arm down on the sink counter, and find the meatiest part of your rear delt, relax your arm, and inject it.
although delts are my fav, they are also the place where i hit a nerve the most often and have to pull out and re-inject.
For smaller volumes, I love delt inject's.

A 5/8'' pin is what I have used..

Once you go delt, you may never go back.. :)
Delts are easy. I have only done 2 shots into them since this is my first cycle, but they come in a close second to quads so far.