IP bust?


Juice Authority

As posted by Flex at bolex:

"IP's remailer got popped. Last night a remailer got popped,he just got ahold of me and says everything on his PC was PGP encrypted so it should be fine and it was from customs and wasn't a whole lot but still enough to cause trouble

he says once the heat is off he will refund the money he owes to people and wanted everyone to know what has happened

now my personal note------this guy is a very good friend of mine for over 7 years and he will take care of the depts once he gets the heat off of him

the email addy for him is l******@securenym.net so don't know one email it

if you know his vet name please keep it to yourself and i don't want to see it on the boards."
Is IP being targeted or something? All of their remailers seem to get popped for some reason.