Cyst liver_Oxandrolone_Need help


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Thank you for reading...

I feel so sad...I am totally lost.

I used Anavar/oxandrolone for the firts time (first steroids of all my life..)

I have donne an ultrasound on september, the doctor see nothing, my liver was alright.

Last month since today i have an hard burn on the left of my belly, under my chest.

I done a ultrasound today, my gallbladder is alright (no stone) BUT i have a cyst on my liver.

The doctor says that was nothing dangerous. i don't told him about steroids but i finally explain what i have done, he says nothing particulary.

tonight, i feel my liver burn, i feell really bad psychologicaly and physically.

I don't know what i have to do.
I'm totally lost.
please give advice