is slin by itself worthwhile?


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i was wondering if anyone has tried slin while not using any other gear. i live in canada and its cheap and easy to get. what kind of results could i expect?


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I haven't been off steroids for 3 years, but some people do run insulin by itself, usually during post cycle therapy (pct) to help preserve mass.


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Worthwhile? I suppose it depends on what that word means to you.

It's one of the most anabolic, if not the most anabolic drug on the planet. It will add tissue (lbm as well as adipose). You can minimize fat gain by running it alongside clen or ECA. Nevertheless, you will gain some fat. You will definitely feel fuller while on it, and pumps will be more intense than usual. You won't suffer any of the androgenic sides typical of steroids. I've run it by itself and the past and was satisfied, but then again I wasn't expecting miracles either.

In the wrong hands, it can be deadly. You have to know what you're doing with it, otherwise you'll get to take the dirt nap.

Oh well, that's my rudimentary synopsis...


Unless you have freaky ass genetics that are sensitive to insulin it will make you feel fuller and help you recover at best.


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thefantom1 said:
It can also easily kill you.... leave that shit alone...
I witnessed a guy do that shit...he went binto thing we know we had to call an Ambulance. He went into a Coma for 4 he's insulin dependant every day!