juicin & blood pressure


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A friend of mine did juice about 1 1/2 ago and wants to go on a cyle or two, he is in good shape and pretty lean, he is 40 yrs old and weights in about 170, now his blood pressure in a little high, is this a good idea or should he take blood pressure medicine and get in lowered first or can he juice while be on the meds......
I juice and am on BP meds, doesn't bother me at all. Although when I am not on the meds and juice my BP is insane. So yeah your boy needs to get on meds, cause roids may make his system go haywire and that is not good. Do not mess with your BP or you can die!
thefantom1 said:
Have him try this... He can get it at just about any vitamin store..

Hawthorn Berries ( a natural herb) and

Garlic and Cayenne combo


I agree. Get a blend that will allow you take in 1000mg of Hawthorn, 200mg Garlic, 400mg of cayenne. This will require multiple pills per day but does work. When hes of cycle he can cut the dosage in half.

Now make a good affordable blend.