Just an Idea!


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I don't know about you guys, but I find dieting extremely HARD. I have been having a hard time sticking to a diet for the summer, so I end up cutting for a few weeks, then going back to my old eating style (See food diet). I think it would be a good idea for everyone to keep a journal as they go through their cutting diets for the summer. I think it could help you people ... ALOT. I know I am not the only one who either (a) doesn't know how to diet correctly (b) Cannot design good low carb, high protein meals (c) Stick to a diet and see how well it will work with time.

If everyone that is dieting for summer could give everyone a heads up on what they did for each day:
- Cardio
-Food consumed
-Any other useful info.
This would only take a few minutes each day and it would help everyone. All the members can learn from each others dieting techniques and your dieting can also be critiqued by other members. What do you guys think?

I suck at dieting man...I have a major sweet tooth, I dread dieting down...though I need to start soon...I am not looking forward to it, wanna pack on a few more lbs of size before I start eating "cleaner"
That's why I think something like this would be good. Everyone can learn for each others diets. Food selection can also get pretty boring, so you can also see what different meals people are eating. This way you can have alot of support from the members and also new meal ideas to keep the diet from getting too boring.
The only thing that keeps me sane dieting down is one junk day a week ,otherwise I,d go insane..