LBM cycle..please critique!


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thinking of a LBM cycle for the spring/summer..not going to competition..
week 1-4 30mg ED Oral Turibal
week 1-10 400mg Test Enth or Cyp
week 1-10 600mg EQ
week 1-12 aromasin 1/2 tab EOD
week 1-13 clomid 300/100/50 Nolvadex 20mg ED

tren is not an option..using it now and its GREAT!!! bit my BP rose alot and my heart rate age 40, thats a no-no...any suggestions??

Fina raises my BP also like crazy....this time I'm running captopril at 50 mg 2x day and it's working's an ACE inhibitor and a physician advised me on its use.....
I like it!! I would add Winstrol (winny) or oxandralone from weeks 7 to 12, so you are anabolic right up until clomid!

Either way you will be happy....The key is Diet!!