Lets clear up some Tren ester confusion


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First comes Ace, then comes Enanthate, then comes Tren Hex. I've seen people get the last two confused and putting Tren Hex in between Ace and Enanthate. So Hex is a little longer acting than Enanthate.
The main difference between different esters is simply the number of carbon atoms in the ester. Propionate has three carbons, acetate has two, isobutyrate has four, enanthate has seven, cypionate has eight, and decanoate has ten. More unusual esters, such as cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (used in Parabolan) has eight carbons and one more oxygen than the above esters making it the heaviest.

Therefore, the esters of trenbolone in order of potency when compared milligram to milligram (from most potent to least): 1. Tren Acetate 2. Tren Enanthate 3. Tren Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (Tren Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate)
In order from shortest ester to longest.
1.Acetate: Chemical Structure C2H4O2
2.Propionate: Chemical Structure C3H6O2
3.Phenylpropionate: Chemical Structure C9H10O2
4.Isocarpoate: Chemical Structure C6H12O2
5.Caproate: Chemical Structure C6H12O2
6.Enanthate: Chemical Structure C7H14O2
7.HexaHydroBencylCarbonate: Chemical Structure C7.......
8.Cypionate: Chemical Structure C8H14O2
9.Decanoate: Chemical Structure C10H20O
10.Undecylenate: Chemical Structure C11H20O2
11.Undecanoate: Chemical Structure C11H22O2
12.Laurate: Chemical structure C12H24O2
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for most people running longer ester tren are they first running Tren A to see how their sides are to it? seems like you would start with the Tren A that way if you are having proplems you can stop and it will clear your system sooner. also are people who are running longer ester trens still only running 6 weeks 8 at them most i have seen?

tren a for me for the first time in my upcoming cycle......
LiftTillIDie said:
I thought that cyp was supposed to be slightly shorter than enan, not the other way around?
cyp molec weight: 132.1184 (cypionic acid, 8 carbons)
enan: 130.1864 (enanthoic acid, 7 carbons)

cyp is shorter (ring vs enan is a chain), but heavier.
so if i get it right...

tren enahtate Monday=200mg, thursday=200mg.

is more stronger than...

tren cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (parabolan) monday=152mg, thursday=152mg.