liquid T3 dosing question


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can anyone offer advice on dosing liquid T3 for a female I assume it is the same but I want to make sure , I use a slin syringe for adminstering and I run it like this
5 days at 2.5
5 days at 5
5 days at 7.5
5days at full 1 m/l
and then back it off the same
is that good for a female as well thanks in advance
I use the 10/40/50 method.

10% total time is ramping up
40% total time is steady at max
50% total time is tapering back down

So looks like you got 35 days total

Thats about 4 days ramping up
14 at max
18 down tapering

Day 1 .25ml, Day 2 .5ml, Day 3 .75ml, Day 4 1.0ml

Day5-18 1.0ml

Day 19-24.75ml
Day 25-30 .5ml
Day 31-36 .25ml
I thought T3 is oral?? The stuff i got I have been putting under my tounge and swallowing...Where do you get the injectable stuff???