liquidex or nolva or both when ON w/HCG?


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im planning on doing a 8 week test prop cycle. intend to use HCG at 500iu eod from week 3 onwards.

First time using previous cycles ive always used a low dose of nolva also to control estrogen sides

i was planning on using either
10 mg nolva ed weeks 1-8 (tried and test)
.5ml Ldex ed as im using the HCG first time
both of the above

whats the best/worst?
As far as I know HCG will have no effect combating estro sides. Also, your dosages are wacked. Use 250iu 2 x a week. That should be enough.

Liquidex @ .25 or .5 mg ED is enoug for more to prevent gyno/bloat, unless your extremely gyno sensitive, then aromasin @ 25mg ED is probably better. While on Adex, just have Nolva on hand for just in case situations, otherwise you don't need it.

From then use it (Nolva) for PCT.
s_1 said:
intend to use HCG at 500iu eod from week 3 onwards.

That is definitely over kill in my opinion.

s_1 said:
whats the best/worst?

What estrogen-related side effects have you experienced? What have your previous cycles looked like?