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Hey guys. I am looking for some long term advice here. This will be a long read, but I'm sure you guys will be interested in helping me out with advice. I am 24. Almost full time as a personal trainer as of right now. I've been cycling gear for a year and a half now. Staying off for at least however long I was on in between cycles. Pct after every cycle (except for 1 which was a mistake but I'm currently working on recovery and fixing the issues that came with it). I'd say I'm definitely still a rookie to this lifestyle and I'm doing as much research and picking as many brains as I can in order to get things down so I can eventually master this lifestyle myself.

I have the training and the dieting down to a T and can do pretty much anything I want to do with my BF%. At 5'7, I've gained and cut 30lbs for my npc shows with no coaching help, always placing top 5 or top 3, natural or geared. All I have left to master is the gear life. I have SO much more to learn and I know I have a lot of potential. I don't have the absolute greatest genetics for bodybuilding, but I have no doubts about my work ethic and will to get shit done. Once I can master the drugs side of bodybuilding, I will have all 3 aspects of bodybuilding (training, nutrition, drugs) down.

My aspiration is to run my own business with my fitness website (in which I already have my business approved via state and ready to go).

So far I have lost all gains after every cycle (considering I started running gear when I pretty much hit my natural potential) and my body just feels completely flattened out throughout the entire time I'm off. If I want to run my own business and keep up on it daily, I just can't afford to be feeling weak and looking like a damn stick for 3+ months, ya know?

My goals with gear are to make as much consistent progress with my physique as possible without actually going sterile. I see all these guys in the industry, as wel as my own friends, not even that huge, but looking great and aesthetic year around at like 175-200lbs. There is no way they are cycling off properly with the way they look year around. Are they all sterile?! Lol. There's gotta be a way to live this lifestyle with consistency without actually going sterile. Taking 3+ months off and feeling weak and flat for that long does not go well with a fitness business. I'm not even trying to be huge. Im just trying to maintain aesthetics and fullness for the most part year around with minor physique changes with diet here and there, also not lose a lot of strength.

I am not addicted to the gear by any means and I do not depend on it mentally. I don't have an addictive personality. Honestly I don't think I've ever been addicted to anything in my life. I don't mind taking time off, but business is business and I'm trying to figure out a good long term routine in which my body can be more consistent rather than looking great for a few months then quickly looking like fuckin Flat Stanley for the next 3+ months. It's a mind-fucking routine for me considering I'm trying to do big things.

I understand it's important to let your hormones fully recover back to normal before starting up again (if you do not want to need trt one day and want to eventually go back to living a normal life if/when need be), but I honestly don't care about needing trt when I'm older. My only concern is going completely sterile. My girl already knows I do this. I already know I want to keep doing this. There's nothing stopping me other than the angel on my shoulder hollaring at me every time i come off to stay off for many months and go back to normal. I want to make this a lifestyle. If I don't, I'll spend the rest of my life wishing I would have because this is my true passion.

I don't want to live a normal life with a normal boring job with a wife and kids like everyone else. The bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle and career is what I'm aiming for. And it's not a phase.

My website includes me filming workouts, exercise instructional videos, working out with other people, posting blogs with advice, Vlogs, and more. If my body feels weak and flat for months at a time, it will only hurt my business. My confidence drops dramatically when I'm off and its like I dont want anyone to see me looking so flat all the time.

What are you guys thoughts? Again, I'm not trying to be a Jay Cutler. More like a Frank Zane look, without completely flattening out for months at a time in between. I'm trying to figure out the right long term routine here.

Should I blast and cruise? Or should I just run my usual hcg&pct but just stay off for 6-8 weeks instead of 3+ months and then get right back on cycle when it's done?! (I have many friends who do this and they seem to be doing very well and stay consistent). I hear people say that as long as you cycle off and run a pct, you'll at least be saving enough natural producing test to prevent going sterile... Is that true as long as you time your pct correctly?

Any advice is appreciated.


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What do your natty numbers for testosterone look like? There seems to be some confusion about the difference between low T and sterility. I'm on TRT right now and have been for over six years or so - yet I know I'm not sterile.

HCG takes care of that, as long as there isn't an issue to begin with. ;)

To your questions, I don't know what you're looking like hormonally after a PCT, so I can't answer that for you. I can tell you that you're in for some very tough times ahead with trying to jump into the industry as there are many like yourself that have the same or similar idea.

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

If you think the guys that remain shredded year-round and have any respectable mass aren't cruising though - you're in for disappointment. Most anyone that makes a living in the industry is on 24/7/365. They just lie about it. ;)

My .02c. :)


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You are wrong I know plenty of professionals who only run a few cycles a year just for maintance.

No one stays cut stage ready year round.

I didn't say stay cut year around. That's not my goal. The body isn't meant to be in that condition year around. But I do have a lot of friends who cycle gear, still come off and pct, but get back on within 6-8 weeks and seem to be maintaining much size and strength year around which is what I'm looking for. I've never done that. I've always waited at least 12 weeks off and lost all gains and started over. Its an annoying routine knowing its all going to go to waste. I would like for things to be more consistent and more maintainable. I don't mind needing trt at any point. Just as long as I can produce a child one day if I want to have kids later on in life.

As for my natural levels, I will find that out in 3 months or so. I'm just now coming off a cycle and will be recovering with hcg and pct coming up. Will get blood work a few weeks after pct is over to see where I am at. But from that point forward, I want to keep my body more consistent rather than completely flattening out for 3+ months anymore. Its not getting me anywhere.


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I know plenty of professionals who only run a few cycles a year just for maintance.

Okay, and maintenance means they're not in stage condition or shredded. Ya?
*snip*No one stays cut stage ready year round.
Okay, so yes - by this statement my presumption is correct. They're not on AAS year-round, and aren't "shredded" at the same time.

You are wrong
Funny, seems to me that you're agreeing with me. :)