Looking some advice with a cut


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Hey guys,

I'm new to posting on the site but have been reading up for a while.
I'm looking for some opinions on what people think I should do.

At present I'm working in the Middle East and I have sourced good gear. I go home in 7 weeks roughly and I'm looking to do a cut for the 7 weeks.
My plan is Test prop 100mg eod and tren ace 50/75mg eod.
The only thing that's worrying me slightly is I can't source an AI where I am at all.

I have plenty of aromisin, arimidex, Clomid, Nolva and HCG back home but nothing out here with me. I'm looking to see if people think I would be ok for the 7 weeks to cut and then bring in the AI and pct when I get home.
My reason for getting nervous is I have not done a cycle without an AI or pct on hand so I'm slightly nervous.
I have had no sides using anything before. This will be my fourth cycle if I go ahead with it but will be my 1st time using test prop.
I get bloodwork etc checked regularly, diet is on point aswell.
So would I be ok to go the 7 weeks without an AI or just wait until I get home.

Oh yeah just some of my stats:
I'm not sure on bf%

Any advice/opinions will be greatly appreciated

Cheers guys
I would run a TRT dosage of testosterone (100-200mg/week) so that you don't need an AI. Let the tren -- which doesn't aromatize -- do the work.

Do you have a dopamine agonist on hand?

If PCT is not on hand, I wouldn't run the cycle just in case something happens? Be prepared.

Will you be running hCG?
Hey thanks for the quick reply

No I don't have any dopamine agonist, pct etc on hand. I can't seem to source them for some reason where I'm located.

I was thinking about doing the trt dose of test but would it be enough as the dose of tren is small enough and the half life of prop isn't very long.?

Also I have never had any probs before on cycle and I'm not prone to gyno or anything like that hence why I was asking but I really do appreciate the reply..

With regards to bloodwork I can get that done no problem as I work in the pre hospital medical profession and work closely with a doctor.
And to answer your question about the HCG yes I will more than likely use it but the only thing is I won't be able to use it until I get home in 7 weeks.

So just trying to decide wether to do this cut or not then get full bloods, pct and hcg going once I get home
best not to do a cycle until you get an ai, doing test without an ai will give you lots of problems. if its worth doing, its worth doing right. what about hcg?