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do you think if you did a test only cycle you will start to lose your muscle after you come off of your clomid ????

is that why you have to stack it with somthing that will help you hold to your gains like tren or deca or insulin?????????
You can keep your gains off any cycle, even test only. Along with clomid, be sure to keep the cals and protein up when you are coming off.
so which Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) is the easy to keep your gains off of that is strong steroid
Here are a few replies to a thread on another board that I wrote. It is in response to adding more gear to keep gains during a cycle and after too, Its really doesnt come down to gear...ITS DIET!!!

I think this thread got more confusing!

This thread was started for a basic knowledge of cycling! I emphasized diet on multiple occassions!

Orals really dont make that big of a difference, believe me!

When you that far along in a cycle, its the diet that is the key!

Just think to when your gains start to slow. This isnt because of the Androgen receptor down-regulation( Myth ), its because of diet! If you eat the same throughout a cycle you will eventually top out!

If you consistantly keep eating more as the cycle progresses, you should make consistant gains throughout, but most dont realize this.

What is the result??? Ok, well lets take more next time, or lets add an oral and see what that does, or let me frontload...Etc, Etc, Etc.

Gear is just a tool! If you dont have the knowledge of how to complete the task, it doesnt matter what tools you have in your tool box....you still dont know how to do the job!

BUT....to maintain consitant gains throughout a cycle really has nothing to do with your dose or type of gear you are using, it all comes down to diet.

I can say I could gain as much as you would adding an oral to the last 2 weeks of the cycle by just consuming more cals.

Gains all come down to genetic potential and diet. If you dont eat to cross that line, you never will. If you do eat to cross that line, you must maintain that eating habit to keep those gains after the gear has left your system.

Most people I know surpass their genetic potential right around 6 weeks. Now for the most part they stop gaining. Why?? Because they cant or just dont want to eat the food needed to keep gaining.

Now this usually doesnt happen in your first few cycles as most have not even come close to their genetic potential.

I really dont like where you took this thread, but I'm glad we had some Mods ready to step in a clarify!

Please...all you guys who are thinking af using gear, please focus on your diet! This will be the key. This is why so many gain 25lbs and then lose it. They forget to eat and dont understand that food and only food will enable them to maintain the gains they just made!

As for my first post, the cycles are only there to give you an idea how to structure a cycle and not the Holy grail. The Holy Grail is diet, training, and rest!

Please read the main points!
Diet is the key to keeping gains as well as cutting back on training intensity when you come off and are very catabolic. Anytime you put on lean muscle with an AS you can keep that muscle with proper post cycle recovery. Those who put on large amounts of size from a dbol or test cycle and then complain about losing size, are mostly just losing the water that they were retaining. If you are looking for a cycle to help you gain lean mass and some quality muscle gains I would recommend a test and eq stack. Diet is really the key to packing on lasting muscle though.
if i got up to 250lbs how do you calculate how much calories you need to consume to gain and maintain your mucscle on and off your cycle
or do you post to guess????????????
wartime i have tried eq it just did not do the trick for me can i put in the place with tren and test???????????
staybig said:
if i got up to 250lbs how do you calculate how much calories you need to consume to gain and maintain your mucscle on and off your cycle
or do you post to guess????????????

How many calories you will need is very dependant on your level of physical activity. I would just say eat six well balanced meals that are very high in protein.
what kind of food i need to eat that has alot of protein and low fat
i am asking when i do take my next cycle i will make sure i get it right
and how much protein you can eat from whey to make up the place of food????