low carb diet?


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how many low carb days (100 grams or less) do you do before you carb load. i know that the 3 days low 4 days high split is popular. im just curious as to what type of split other people use. also how many carbs are you taking in on your low carb days and high carb days?

really depends on your bodyfat in relation to your setpoint (your natural bf if you didnt workout/diet). the leaner you are the more often you need to refeed, the fatter the less often. the point of the refeed/carb load is really to bump up leptin, and as you diet and get leaner leptin drops. if your not too lean right now i would shoot for 6hrs of refeeding, unlimited carbs, every 3rd -4th day and see where you get. if you refeed for 6hrs just consume 75% of your dieting total for the rest of the day. im not a fan of low carb diets, i prefer an isocaloric diet, nothing magical about ketosis.
i just did some research on the isocaloric diet. seems interesting. the article is by dan duchaine and he recommends eating the ratio's of 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbs, and 1/3 fats. spread throughout 6 meals a day.

he didnt mention anything about how many calories to be at a day and if you should try to make each meal with even ratio's of protein, carbs and fats. or if it doesnt matter the ratio of each meal as long as you get the required amounts by the end of the day.

any input on this will be appreciated