Low tets levels after 10 days


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Low test levels after 10 days

Hi all
Just wonder whats your opinion on the following:

Have just finished stealth sachet prop cycle 100 mg eod.
i stopped the cycle after 5 weeks as i didnt see the expected gains!
diet was very good so no problems with that,, i onlygained 5 lb and doubt if that muscle at all, strenght little bit up but not significant changes.
the same story happened to a friend that did the same cycle from the same gear (we divided it to half).
day after last inj started clomid 100 & nolva 30 for first 2 weeks.

10 days afetr last inj went to make testo+lh+fsh blood check.
the results is as follows:
LH - 1.4 range (1.7 - 9.3)
FSH - 0.9 range (18.1 - 1.4)
Testosterone Toatal 4.3 range (28.7-8.3)

so i pretty get fucked with the values .. LH i can understand why its low
but what's about the testo how come its so low?
Is this lab test confirm that the gear was faked or dosed low?

thanks for answers
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