In a deep mess with hair loss after Tren/test cycle


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I've run several test and var cycles in the past with no ill effects.

Decided to do a summer cuttting cycle. Before the cycle I fasted for 4 days to get a start on things.

Ran tren ace at 150 mg a week because I couldn't handle the sides and test c at 100 mg a week for 6 weeks.

Had a full hormone panel done super inflated false estriodol levels (tren was legit) and test was severely underdosed (levels were high normal range for a non roided person)

Woke up on june 13 with about 30 hairs on my pilllow. Stopped the tren immediately and switched to 40 mg og Var and a 50mg test prop a week so I could continue my cycle and hoping the shedding would stop and I could continue my cycle and then up my doses.

No such luck.

I went off everything on July 15 (12 days ago). So the cycle was about 9-10 weeks.

Hair shedding continued.

I decided not to run PCT because my cycle yielded so few gains due to the low levels of everything, and I did not want to precipitate the hair loss with any other meds. Not to mention I was on such low levels of everything the entire cycle, esp the last 4 weeks that I fugured my HPTA was not overly supressed.

Now my hair is noticably thinner on top when viewed from the top view, hairline still intact.

My sex drive is not too bad considering no pct, no gyno, but my hair loss continues.

Useless cycle and I'm balder.

I'm not sure if the hairloss is from TE which could have been from the fasting, or MPB which could have been caused by the tren.

Leaning towards the Tren.

I realize how shit this cycle was and don't need any pie in the face. I'm pretty depressed right now and would appreciate some advice. Not sure if I'm going to go bald over this.

I'm 40 and only had slight receding before this.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
First thing you need to do is get bloodworks done and see what your numbers are. Once we have that we can proceed and get you back on your feet and off the couch.
Hope you get better bro!!
My understanding of the way MPB works is that androgen-sensitive follicles over the top of the scalp slowly atrophy and produce smaller and finer hairs until they disappear.

Long thick hair coming out may be something else.