M&M Issue #45 is out

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New look Mind and Muscle Magazine we'll see 1-2 Articles/Interviews released per week, so please add to favourites.

This week...

Karvonen Formula by Marc McDougal
Marc McDougal re-examines the Karvonen Formula, long used by many to determine Maximum Heart Rate and Target Heart Rates and their application in cardio exercise (be it jogging or interval training). Marc believes using the Rate of Perceived Exertion yields better results.

Creation of a Bodybuilder - The Quickest Way to Gain 50 lbs of Muscle Mass Naturally by Kelly Baggett
Author Kelly Baggett takes us through how to build mass during the offseason (training, cardio, diet), the honest way using the basics (squats, deadlifts, pulls, chins etc), without the fear of gaining some fat. He then suggests how to get ripped.

Next week we interview training guru Eric Cressey.

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