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I know everyone has different feelings about DNP. Personally, I use it and have had no serious problems, however, it's not for everyone. I'm posting these articles that I did NOT write for informational purposes ONLY! Again, as in the "massive newbie" post, I don't agree 100% with all the opinions stated but the overall info is good...

By: Kingofmasters on AR

Many boards have DNP-guides, but in essence they are the same 3 guides over and over again; These guides are not only outdated, they tend to over do the supplements thus making it more complicated than needed and they are life-threatening to newbies because they don't elaborate enough on important aspects as the 36-hour half-life (thus the accumulative effect) and the electrolyte-loss (they just tell you to drink V8 ).
Not only that but instead of REALLY BASING THEIRSELVES ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, they just post some PUBMED researches and long quotes out of them (not summarized or put in lay-mans terms), just to impress the reader!
And often you have the feeling that they really don't know what they are talking about, also they tend to tell more about its history than its practical use and action (BY KNOW WE ALL KNOW IT WAS USED AS AN EXPLOSIVE, INSECTICIDE, YELLOW PAINT etc.)!
They don't elaborate enough on Practical inconveniences as well; The foul tasting and dry mouth one gets and the fact that if you are making the caps yourself without precautions it is very likely to cover the room with unremovable (except with TEK) Yellow stains everywhere.
The final and most important thing is that this new approach is not only at least as effective at fat loss or even more so, but also countless times more convenient and with countless less horrible sides!



The new approach to cycling DNP:

DNP has a 36-hour half-life meaning it will build up in your blood and due to it being an exponential 2nd degree math function, after a certain amount of time the accumulative effect will be too small (insignificant) and thus blood levels will peak and remain stable...

The international Physics formula for Half-life:

In physics
N(0) = dosage at time zero
N(t) = dosage left at recent time
t(1/2) = half life in seconds/hours/days/years (depending on compound)

N(t) = N (0) x (1/2)^(t/t(1/2))

at 200 mg every day the peak level will be 540 mg...
@ day 6 you will already be over 500 mg...!

(but given the margin of error in capping and dosing times we take 600 mg as standard!)

more info:

So a 20 day cycle @ 200 mg ED, will result in a 540 mg peak level which is a very comfortable dose for any healthy grown man!

A 20 day cycle will also yield great results, most likely greater than a "horrifying sideful" traditional 8 day cycle @ 400 mg.

Most of you who are trying DNP for the first time are not willing to jump in a
20 day cycle right away, so a 10 or 12 day cycle @ 200 mg will be more suitable, just make sure that you carb deplete 2 days in advance for optimum results in such a short low dose cycle...



Beneficial Properties:

1. DNP is both Liver and kidney friendly.
2. DNP has anti-catabolic properties.
3. DNP boosts the immune system
4. DNP is Anti-Carcinogenic
5. DNP is non-hormonal and thus fat loss is easier to maintain



At such a low dose the most likely sides will be:
Sweating (+ feeling hot)
Heavy breathing
Irregular Sleep Pattern
Rashes for some (take an anti-histamine for this, if it lasts discontinue DNP!)
Decreased Strength
Muscle cramps (Not likely at all especially at such a dose with enough mineral supplementation).
Increased Hunger
(especially Sugar-cravings, Sibutramine totally annihilates this side!)

I got "the rash" the first and last part of the second cycle...
I never took citadrizine HCL...
But by cycle 3 (actually end of cycle 2; so 2,5) I never developed an allergy any more...
Still Anti-histamines can aid in fat loss if supplemented with Ephedrine and Yohimbine!

All these can be combated to a certain extent...

Practical Sides:

DNP will provide a hideous sent of it under your Armpits due to the sweating
(especially in the last few days) so always wash under your armpits a couple of times a day and put plenty deodorant under it even before bed
(I swear the scent will annoy you in bed).

DNP leaves a foul and dry taste in your mouth all day long; I found out that
drinking Diet Soft drinks helps against it so sweets always get the taste away, but seeing we want to LOSE weight Diet soda is the best option!
(normal soft drinks contain sugar and we WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT
best bets: Fanta, Fanta Pomelo, Fanta Cassis, Fanta Lemon, Coca Cola Lemon, Sprite etc. ALL LIGHT!).
I finish about 2 bottles a day
(Ice cold preferably also seeing drinking water all day gets tiresome!!).



All over messge boards I read that an ECA boosts metabolism by 3%,
Clen + T3 20% and DNP 50-75%!

I don't know where people get these numbers but it is not true!

Fat loss not only has to do with metabolism, but also with many other processes like affecting alpha and beta receptors
(why Yohimbine has got such fat loss potential for "love handles").
Increased metabolism also means better protein synthesis, which is not always the case with these fat burners!

Not to mention a 75%-boost on DNP would not make sense since for instance let's take a 2000 calorie boost (And that would mean a maintenance
Caloric Requirement of about 2800 Kcal a day!!, which is very high!)
--> giving a maximum of 250 gram pure fat loss a day!
That would mean an 8 day cycle would yield a maximum of 2 Kg fat loss
(I know the off days count as well but that would be compensated by glycogen-reserves, increased appetite etc.).

The real deal:
A degree Fahrenheit increase in BMR on DNP is equal to a
120% boosted Caloric-expense!

Practical Effectivity:
Now here's the big question......
will it yield the same results fat loss-wise as the shorter higher dose cycles?

Yes, not only shall the DNP be more effective, but things like T2 and Yohimbine need longer cycles to work their magic and thus you will have even better results!
(also the fat loss will be more gradually from the ancillaries and thus prove easier to maintain that weight).

Note: The Scale will lie and so will the mirror!
Due to the water bloat and thus water weight
(The water bloat is less obvious then with Deca for instance since it "hides" around the midsection + love handles!), also the carb depletion will make your muscles appear less "pumped".

So remember that while "on" you will feel fat and bloated and your muscles will be anything but pumped!
Fun thing is 5-7 days after discontinuance you will see the drastic change in the mirror and on the scale!

The feeling one gets when coming off is great
(no more sweating, dry mouth, clearance of bloat etc.)!


Weight loss is semi-permanent!:

I and many other people have noticed that after a DNP-cycle even after months less than 50% of the weight loss is gained back.
(And that is even with crappy training and diet)
While common rule in dieting is that the more weight one loses in a
short time span, the more likely he/she is to gain all that weight back plus even a bit more fat most of the times (the dreaded YOYO-effect!!).

Also this research confirms that 3 obese people (2 men and a women) after
long term T3 and DNP supplementation lost a lot of weight and managed

As to so many cases of people not experiencing a drastic rebound with DNP
(anything that guarantees under 50% of the weight loss gained back is an effective diet-aid in my opinion) it got me thinking as to WHY...

So a simple theory which I came up with:

DNP is so dangerous, because it doesn't involve in a feedback system
(meaning if there is to much present in the blood there is no way the body can combat that).
Also it is non-hormonal
(hormonal systems always have a feedback-mechanism).

This means that it doesn't affect your body's "setpoint"
(which is what your body thinks is your "healthy" weight and thus always wants to return to that point).

Some mechanisms in the "setpoint" are still unknown but it mostly has to do with dopamine/adrenaline and the various Neuropeptides
(especially B, K and Y that all regulate appetite).

The "setpoint" is best adjusted if weightloss is as gradually as possible
(phentermine users always get the yo-yo effect meaning all the lost weight
+ some new fat comes back after discontinuance; not only because fat is lost so rapidly but mainly because it affects all those "setpoint" features and after discontinuance they will try to regain homeostasis!).

DNP has no (significant) role in manipulating the "setpoint"
(meaning your body will not feel the urge to gain some weight after discontinuance).
Also it competes with T3, meaning after you stop DNP, T3 will peak
(instead of like with most diets; will be on low)
couple that with the fact that it is not catabolic
(actually a bit anti-catabolic for that matter) so your BMR stays
rougly the same after the DNP-cycle.

And the conclusion confirms the reality -->
Fat loss induced by DNP is not likely to come back for a significant part!

Most people supplement certain compounds with DNP -->
I for instance take Sibutramine, T2, T3 and an ECY which are
most likely to be the MAIN cause of the "gained weight afterwards"
due to the KNOWN disturbance of some processes in the body's metabolism by these ancillaries.


First things, First! --> Obtaining DNP

1) Make it yourself!

Unless you are an experienced home brewer I can not advise to do this,
DNP stains are impossible to remove (with the exception of with TEKTROL), and the DNP powder is at its cheapest $1 (for small amounts) per gram, considering the fact that you pay $1 for a 200 mg cap on average and you only need a small amount of caps per cycle; it is not worth it...

The pro with making it yourself is that you can add all sorts of things in thus minimizing the amount of tabs/caps/powder one has to swallow.

I used to make them containing per cap:
200 mg DNP
100 mg Quercetin (anti-histamine and anti-oxidant)
10 mg Sibutramine HCL (Appetite suppressant)
150 mg Magnesium Malate
180 mg Synthetic Vitamin E (Comes down to 400 IE/IU)
5 mg Vitamin B12
5 mg Yohimbine HCL

2) Buying them:

As to such a potentially dangerous substance, if over dosed,
I wouldn't buy it unless it was from someone who is really well known.
There is such a guy and he makes the 200 mg DNP caps with 200 mg Quercetin (Anti-histamine and Anti-oxidant) in them for just $1.
If you are a regular on this board and are well respected here, you can ask a mod/vet for his e-mail; normally I wouldn't post this but it is due to the fact that in case of DNP you have to have a real trusted dealer!


Usage --> Diet:

Lots of Water! and other fluids like Diet Sodas!

A diet while on DNP is nonsense since due to its non-hormonal actions there is no benefit in shifting nutrients.

You will get bad sugar-cravings though!
(Yohimbine, Ephedrine and especially Sibutramine are effective in combatting this!).

Just remember that carbs will get you heated
(so after carb intake you will start to feel warm for about 10 minutes, but without carbs you will find everything to taste disgusting!).

The 2 gram per lbs of bodyweight protein rule is also nonsense!
(DNP is not catabolic at all).

Keep your intake of vegetables high
(especially any kind of Lettuce, cucumber etc.)
Also Fruits (with the exception of Bananas/strawberries/grapes)
do combat a lot of sides
(refrigerate some Apples, Oranges, Mangos, Peaches and a Pineapple and you will have a tasty meal that also makes you feel more at ease while "on").


Supplementing T2 and T3 or not?:

This has been a controversial subject...

Let's clear some things up (MALLET will thank me for it!):
T3 is NOT catabolic!
In certain amounts it is very ANABOLIC....

T2 + T3 help DNP operate at peak efficiency; Maximizing Fat Loss!

Especially since the thyroid can shut down, the amounts we supplement are quite anabolic/anti-catabolic (Why I GAINED 4 lbs LBM)!

For the people afraid of suppressing their thyroid:
Fact is T3 and DNP compete a little, so supplementing T3 on a DNP-cycle would be far less suppressive on TSH than on a T3/Clen or T3-only cycle.
Not to mention the fact that getting off DNP would give your Thyroid a boost too so recovering would be easier than from the proposed T3-only cycle...

T2 info (there is little info available on such a wonderful substance!):

(((((I read most Pubmed searches on Thyroid-metabolites and found this to be the found most important things to know)))))

- Potency wise: 400 mcg T2 = 50 mcg T3
- T2 is far less catabolic than T3 even when abused:
- T2 is far less suppressive on FSH than T3
- 3,5-T2 is more suitable for fat loss than 3,3-T2.
- T2 is only active for about an hour.
- T2 is most effective when supplemented with T3
(or when natural production of T3 is high).
- Although T3 has a long half-life, periodic intervals per day of taking it yields far better results!

T2 is best taken as much divided during the day as possible; 3 is a minimum
(it is only active for one hour and preferably with meals since it will burn all the fats/carbs you get in immediately!).

T2 unlike T3 is not likely to be catabolic even when abused.
(as previously mentioned T3 engaged in proper usage is quite anabolic!).

T2 is available @ Team LR

P.S. Team LR probably uses ethanol (Nail polish remover) as a dissolver so the stuff tastes like crap, right before taking it, put it in an Empty cap
(the cap will dissolve within 2 minutes of coming in contact with a liquid so take it just before!).


Proper supplementation:

People tend to use TOO MUCH supplements on DNP.
Therefore making it way too complicated and frightening

In low dose cycles the described supplements (below) are more than enough!

In dosages like 600/800/1000 mg ED
Magnesium/Phyto-chemicals/GSE become essential!

2-10 gram Potassium Gluconoate ED
ECY (E/C/Y/G/A @ 25/200/5/40/75 mg)
2x Vitamin C @ 500 mg
2x Vitamin E @ 400 IU
3x 400 mcg T2
3x 15 mcg T3

Ketotifen or Benadryl (preferably on hand!)
Melatonin (preferably on hand!)
Magnesium (very useful in higher dosages like 400 mg DNP or more!)
Taurine @ 500 mg ED

ECY (E/C/Y/G/A @ 25/200/5/40/75 mg):
@ 25/200/5/40/75 mg!
(should contain SYNTHETIC guggelsterones and SYNTHETIC yohimbine both available at ********).

Usage: To combat Lethargy, Curb Appetite and Cravings, to free fatty acid for better fat burning and for better fat burning in "stubborn fat".

T2 + T3:
Fat loss, preventing lethargy and maybe even anabolism/anti-catabolism

Vitamin C & Vitamin E:
Basically all the Anti-oxidants you need: A Water soluble and a Fat soluble one!
due to their activity-span take twice a day!

Potassium Gluconoate:
You loose a lot of minerals through sweating!
The electrolytes you have to replace are Sodium and Potassium
(in Latin Natrium and Kalium),
sodium is relatively easy to get through ones diet
(table salt is sodiumchloride/natriumchloride).
Potassium is a little harder to get
(Still Potassium is present in a lot of vegetables).

10 grams a day of Potassium Gluconoate is best
(actually 10 grams is way overkill especially since that would mean
1,6 gram of Potassium supplementation a day for a 200 mg cycle).
2 grams is more than enough...

Potassium Gluconoate will keep strength up and battle muscle cramps!

Potassium gluconoate (16% Potassium) is $20 per 3 lbs at ********!

Ketotifen or Benadryl (Ketotifen is much more potent):
As Anti-histamine (for Allergies)
As sleeping Aid (take before bed!)
Upgrading the Fat cell receptors
Keeping the ECY effective (during longer runs like 30 days)

Anti-oxdidant + Sleeping Aid.

Compensate Taurine Levels in Liver...

Magnesium or R-ala
As Anti-Oxidant!

Obtaining supplements:
******** for all the bulk powders for the ECY (and all the other supplements)
animal kits for Vitamin E powder


DNP for PCT: Will elaborate on that later!


Funny Note:
Hitler gave it to his troops invading Russia to keep them warm during Russia's infamous winters!


Phyto-chemicals Story!

Morin, Luteolin, Quercetin, Kaempferol and Reservatol are especially good at suppressing Sugars from being metabolized
(not to mention their life-extension abilities and positive effects on Lipid Levels and Cardiac Function).
Fisetin, Myrecetin, Baicalein, Galangin are far less effective
(In That order --> with the most effective one mentioned first and the least effective one mentioned last).

Epigallocachin, Epicatechin, Hesperetin, Taxifolin, Rutin, Flavonol, Flavone didn't do anything at all....

About Phytochemicals:
Li BH, Tian WX. Inhibitory effects of flavonoids on animal fatty acid synthase. J Biochem. 2004 Jan;135(1):85-91

Grapeseedextract inhibits fatcells from growing instead of inhibiting sugars being metabolized like the other phytochemicals!

About GrapeSeedExtract:
Moreno DA, Ilic N, Poulev A, Brasaemle DL, Fried SK, Raskin I. Inhibitory effects of grape seed extract on lipases. Nutrition. 2003 Oct;19(10):876-9.

Which frees a lot of fatty acids from stubborn fat, makes fatcells more sensitive for Adrenaline, imitates caloric restriction and actually kills fatcells to a degree!
Not to mention its sex-boosting properties, its lifespan enhancing ability and the fact that it pumps your muscles full of Anti-oxidants especially in a
PWO-shake to make recovery easy and thus produce an anabolic enviroment!

About Reservatol!:
Picard F, Kurtev M, Chung N, Topark-Ngarm A, Senawong T, Machado De Oliveira R, Leid M, McBurney MW, Guarente L. Sirt1 promotes fat mobilization in white adipocytes by repressing PPAR-gamma. Nature. 2004 Jun 17;429(6993):771-6

Konrad Howitz, Kevin Bitterman, Haim Cohen, Dudley Lamming, Siva Lavu, Jason Wood, Robert Zipkin, Phuong Chung, Anne Kisielewski, Li-Li Zhang, Brandy Scherer, David Sinclair. Small molecule activators of sirtuins extend Saccharomyces cerevisiae lifespan. Nature 24 August 2003.

Molecules Discovered That Extend Life In Yeast, Human Cells; Group Of Compounds Found In Red Wine, Vegetables Simulate Benefit Of Low-calorie Diet. Science Daily, 25-8-2003

That's why I wondered a cap containing
a Fat inhibitor like Orlistat (or maybe an even more effective one in the future)
and a Glucose-inhibitor like the mentioned Flavonides and Grape Seed Extract should make the eating of Fast Food/Junk Food perfectly acceptable!


I'd like to say that I wouldn't suggest DNP to anyone... as a disclaimer... if you use it, you use it at your own risk... however, I am aware that people will use it, regardless of any warnings I might give, therefore, I feel is it important that they be completely informed on the subject... I spent some time posting this up on Intense Training last night... thought it might do some good here.


DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol), has throughout the years gained some popular (and unpopular) press as a fat loss drug. DNP can boost your metabolic rate up to 50%... and people have reported a 10-12lb fat loss in as little as 10 days (on HIGH dosages... on a more moderate dose... fat losses would be around 2-3% bf).
Many people think this drug is VERY dangerous... and it is... if misused... basically, there is NO upper-limit to how HIGH your body-temperature can go on this stuff... which means your dosage REALLY has to be watched closely.

I'll skip the HISTORY of this drug... but I will say that in the early 1900's, it was used to ignite TNT... ... which is why you should keep this stored in your basement, or a cool place... if you leave it in LARGE amounts out in the sun... and it dries out ....

DNP on a Molecular basis accomplishes an AMAZING boost in the metabolic rate through inhibition of the F0F1 ATP synthase molecule, which is located on the inner wall of every mitochondrion.... While the electron transport chain will still pump hydrogen ions into interrmembrane space, coupling of the proton gradient to ATP production is rendered impossible by DNP. This results in ATP production being GREATLY reduced... and the energy is then turned into heat. Now, you'll really generate ALOT of heat... so much so, that even being AROUND the person on DNP will make YOU uncomfortable (or your spouse/girlfriend). It's a good thing that this heat does not contribute to total body temperature, but is thrown off the body as radiated heat... in particular, your head. Typical doses of DNP will increase your body temperature by around 1-1.5 degree C... this is good for your CNS and other tissues in your body...because the body heat is radiated off... and not within the body... usage of fans and air conditioning (or opening the windows in winter) can help this... A raise in BODY temperature is a very real danger... a danger that can be addressed through the proper dosage, and following the "rules" of using DNP.

Well... sure.. .DNP is a GREAT fat loss drug right?? But what about the GREAT risks involved???

1. Overheating -- DNP can turn your body into the surface of the sun... meaning that there is no limit to how HOT DNP can make your body... you can literally COOK from within. Dosages of 4-6 times a recommended dose can be LETHAL... overdoses of a smaller variety can cause damage to the brain or other body functions...

2. Carcinogenesis -- 2,4-dinitrophenol has never been accused of being a cancer-causing agent, but many people are concerned... and this is not without warrant. In addition to being a phenol, which has inherent carcinogenic properties... DNP produces free radicals and the releasing of compounds stored in the adipose tissue during the rapid fat losing process of DNP can also be potentially harmful...


1. HOT, HOT, HOT -- I can't describe this well enough... you will be VERY uncomfortable... and VERY hot. If you ask someone who has taken DNP before about their experiences... this is the FIRST thing out of their mouth. In the winter time, inside, with the temperatures cool... you can find your SHIRT soaked through with sweat. Take this into consideration if you have a job... you'll look like you just ran a marathon... also, if you plan on dating ... and aren't too "close" with the woman... she'd better get used to your ragged appearance during your usage... (or a guy, if a woman is using).

2. Insomnia -- Many people complain of this... being extremely uncomfortable while taking this can probably explain the reason...
Valerian root or melatonin can help you out with this.

3. Yellow body fluids -- LOL -- if you've taken this, you MAY have noticed your urine, semen or even vaginal (if woman) secretions to have a yellow tone to them... this isn't or hasn't been found to be dangerous in anyway... but it can be a relative side-effect.

4. Soreness of Muscles -- Duchaine has commented that using a weight that will allow you no FEWER than 15 reps, while on DNP, is recommended. When ATP levels drop too low, they can cause soreness of the muscle... adding in heavily encumbered recovery can cause even greater soreness, or even catabolism...

5. Allergic Reactions -- Hives, blisters, and/or inexplicable rashes can occur through the usage of DNP... these are really individualized... and around 5-10% of all DNP users may experience them. If you experience these sides, and they become unbearable... stop taking DNP... or perhaps look into possible anti-allergy meds... perhaps try taking it again... with a lower dosage.. .but I wouldn't KEEP taking.

6. The CARB crave -- needless to say...

When Can you expect to start noticing the effects and symptoms of DNP???

Day 1 -- No real effects, could have some temp increase, or even some carb cravings.

Day 2 -- T3/T4 decreases, you start to feel like you are dragging, temperature raising and others might notice your heat radiation.

Day 3-5 - Heat raises... water retention starts.

Day 6-8 - NOTICEABLE water retention, noticeable muscle flatness (due to glycogen depletion) and water retention. Last dosage of DNP should be taken on the evening of day 8.

Day 9-10 -- DNP starts clearing out of the system.

Day 11-12 -- Water leaving system now... use of some diuretics can speed up this process... you can notice more muscular and cardiovascular endurance.
Day 13-14 -- Looking GOOD! Glycogen is back, and most of the water retention is gone!!

*** Results typical with Crystal DNP, Powder takes longer to activate and effect... ***


It is relatively EASY to start off with a proper dosage... it is always safer to ERR on the side of too-little than too much, especially if you are a 1st time user and do not know if you are allergic to DNP. A typically lean bodybuilder who weighs around 220lbs can expect to use between 300-500mg of DNP per day... not all at once now... , More experienced users have commented on using around 800mg per day. 1st time users find that they have lost 3-5lbs of fat per week with as little as 200mg of DNP!! You should never take more than 300mg at a time. If you were taking 600mg a day... you should probably split it up to be in early evening and then again about an 30min-1hour before bedtime... typical usage periods range around 7-8 days... and then another 7-8 days off... this won't affect the thyroid and the addition of any T3/T4 will be unnecessary... T4/T3 conversion does decrease largely in the liver... due to the high temperature increases. You could experience, after 3-5 days, no more increase in your temperature... even though you are still on DNP... this is because the decrease in the t 3 could signal more production of it... either on a prolonged cycle or subsequent dnp cycle... Taking a LOOONG cycle, can cause the muscle fibers to be strained and starved of ATP... thus, leading to possible catabolism....

**** SUPPLEMENTATION*** this is important to the safe-usage of DNP...

***Information taken from DNP Manuel***
Magnesium (1500mg)
Vitamin C (3000mg in divided doses)
Vitamin E (1200 IU in divided doses)
Glutathione (200mg in divided doses)
NAC (various amounts)
T3 (dose according to personal preference)
Calcium (2000mg not taken with the Magnesium)
5-HTP (if not on antidepressant medication) (various amounts) Meridia, Redux, or Fenfluramine (various amounts)
Hydroxycitric Acid (particularly in the evenings to curb cravings) Pyruvate (2-6g/day in divided doses)
Glycerol (3 tbsp/day in divided doses)
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (500-1000mg daily in divided doses)

Of these.. .the first three are necessary for DNP program
Gluthathione is of particular importance for women in prevention of possible cataracts
5-HTP, Meridia, Redux, Fenfluramine, Hydroxycitric Acid -- are for appetite suppression... use at your own discretion.

More considerations:

1. Use fans at night... have one pointing at your head... as that is where most of the heat shoots out of... I also prefer to have a fan blowing on my body... actually.. one on each side of my body, and I sleep on my side.

2. Wear loose, light clothing... goes without saying, but you can "breath better".

3. Clean your sheet -- you are going to be SWEATING profusely at night... you should wash them daily... your pillow cases... maybe even your pillows... spare pillows? This is to not only prevent your bed from smelling like a gym-bag... but cleanliness also prevents the spreading of disease and the smelling of your bed like DNP... ack! Keep in mind, you should be washing your clothes too... (sheets!), as your immune system is MUCH lower while on DNP and you are more susceptible to infection.

4. Hydrate your muscles -- I know I've drunk over a gallon of water per day... Glycerol helps in keeping your muscles hydrated... which is important, because even slightly dehydrated muscles can cause a catabolic effect.

5. Doing cardio -- I would suggest doing LIGHT cardio for around 30 minutes... with a FAN blowing directly on you. This varies from person to person... I've heard of people doing HARD cardio for the same length of time while on it... if you start getting really weak.. .then stop! If you are getting weak and you feel like you can't stand up... you may have to eat some candy quickly to give you some "living" energy... which is why I like to stay on a LIGHT cardio scale... no need to PUSH it ... let the DNP do it's work

6. Diet... while many think there is no general guideline... I would keep my diet at 50% carbohydrates (CLEAN!), 20% fats, and 30% proteins. Carbs fuel the ATP process... or LACK thereof... thereby FEULING the heating effect... ergo... more burning via ATP inhibition.

Basically, the more carbs you eat, the hotter you will get... you could eat an even diet of 40/30/30 but... hey... it's 3:40am...

Experienced an anabolic rebound effect?? -- I'm not quite sure what causes this... but I have heard of it happening... I have not experienced it... but it could be caused by several factors... that I will get into once I GET this effect LOL.

DNP is a POWERFUL fat burning tool, but that doesn't mean it is the BEST for everyone... and it doesn't mean, by any means, that it is safe... but that doesn't change the fact that DNP is the most effective fat burning tool that is out there now.

I restate the disclaimer that was listed at the beginning of the post.

I'm going to be posting my daily observations while on an 8-day DNP cycle that's starting today. I'm currently at 242lbs with around 15-17% BF. I'm really struggling to decide between going with 400mg or 600mg each day, but will probably stick to 400mg as it is unseasonably warm in Ohio this week. I also don't want to miss any workouts this week as I'll be traveling out of town at the end of next week and I've also been having some incredible workouts despite being "off". I've got enough DNP to do another longer and/or higher dosage cycle later on. After reading Animal's manual, I'm also going to be supplementing the following each day: 3000mg Vitamin C, 3000mg Taurine, 1500mg Magnesium, 1000mg calcium, 1 multi-vitamin (Centrum+iron), 3mg Melatonin before bed. I'm skipping the glycerol and the pyruvate because it seems the cost outweighs the benefit, but I guess I'll find out. My diet will consist of high protein, moderate carbs, low fat for the duration, possibly with a carb loading day somewhere in the middle. I'll also be drinking 1 cup of coffee in the morning and as much water as I can throughout the day.

Since this is a lower dose cycle, my expectations aren't all that high. I'll be extremely pleased with a 10lb loss. I am planning on following this up with either a bulking Sust/Deca cycle or going with a cutting Fina/Winny cycle so I'm not too bloated for the holidays, haven't quite decided yet but all the gear is on-hand already. I’m considering some type of combo of the above as Animal suggests sticking to non-aromatizing gear such as Fina and stacking it with a test.

Day 1: 242lbs, approx 15-17% BF (will measure this evening). Will also take body temp this evening. Took 1 200mg cap this morning, will be taking another 200mg cap this evening following my back/shoulder workout. Woke up a little warmer than normal, it's unseasonably warm in Ohio and I was warm prior to my first DNP cap so today won't be a good day to determine effects of the DNP. I normally feel crappy in the morning before I take a dump and before I get a cup of coffee in me, but I felt particularly crappy an hour after the DNP. Most people don't start feeling the DNP for 2 days, so I'm not expecting it to kick in just yet. This morning was probably more of the "placebo effect" than anything as I was a bit nervous about popping this pill in my mouth after seeing that the box that the DNP was in had turned yellow despite the DNP being in a fairly thick plastic baggie. Will post again tomorrow, not expecting much today.

One helpful tip that I forgot to mention was that in researching all of these additional vitamins and supplements, I found that had by far the cheapest prices on the net, and the local Phar-Mor was in most cases even cheaper, unless had a sale on a particular item (the Melatonin for instance was $2.22 for 2 bottles but was over $6 at Phar-Mor). I wasn't worried about brand names at all, just the contents of the bottles. I even found L-Glutamine powder at Phar-Mor for far cheaper than I can find online, even compared to

Day 1, PM: after reading through the A-manual again, going through old DNP posts on various boards, and getting some feedback I've decided to bump up the dosage to 600mg for the first 3 days and going down to 400mg/day for the remaining 5 days. This should kick the fat burning into gear sooner and work better with this shorter cycle. Took another 200mg tab prior to my evening workout and another about an hour before bed. Was feeling sluggish during my workout but worked hard to hit my normal poundages. I did drop from my typical 4 sets to 3 for each exercise, but mostly because I was short on time and the gym was packed. Towards the end of the workout my head was dripping with sweat, much more than normal, but I wasn't particularly uncomfortable. Didn't feel any warmer than normal the rest of the night. I really sucked down the water all day long, and whenever I had even a 10-minute break between refills my mouth was really dry. Drank much more water overall than normal.

Day 2, AM: weight 240lbs. Awoke for my typical middle of the night piss and found that my pillow was fairly sweaty and my legs were sweating as well. A sweaty pillow isn't too abnormal for me, but the leg thing is something new. No problems getting back to sleep, though. Really had a hard time waking up this morning, possibly the Melatonin is starting to work, this is only the second day I've taken it so I can't really tell. My morning weigh-in shows I lost 2 pounds in the last 24 hours. This was probably water weight as I've been pissing much more than normal with the increase in water intake. I'm actually feeling much better than yesterday morning. The expected sweating and heat increase hasn't kicked in yet, although I am getting occasional "hot flashes". I can't find my damn thermometer anywhere, so I can't take my body temp until I get another. My morning dump came much earlier than normal, hopefully this isn't the onset of the diarrhea that "msg" experienced, I want nothing to do with "poopy pads". No workout planned for today, probably just take the dog and wife for a couple mile walk this evening. Pleased with the experience so far, although this might be the last day before hell.

Day 2, PM: hot flashes continued all afternoon, really wasn't bad at all, no profuse sweating, etc. Wife did comment that I had beads of sweat over my lip when I got home. Took 1 200mg tab at 5:30 and the 3rd tab of the day at 10:30. Took a 2-mile walk, got a little winded fairly quickly and a little warmer than normal but nothing too bad. An odd thing I've noticed is that I actually get a little cold about a half hour after taking a cap or 2 of Taurine, which doesn't make much sense since I didn't think Taurine had much of an effect on body temp. The Melatonin is putting me right to sleep about 20 minutes after taking it. I can't even make it through half of the 11PM Seinfeld rerun, whereas I normally catch it all and part of Letterman.

Day 3, AM: 240lbs. A little easier waking up today, but still felt pretty sleepy. I had awaken several times during the night and noticed I was pretty warm and sweating on the sheets and pillow. I didn't have much trouble getting back to sleep each time and eventually threw the blankets over to my wife's side. She's like most women in that she's cold whenever the temp is below 80, so I have to fight to get the window opened at night even a crack. Weigh-in shows I'm still at 240lbs, which was expected. From the research I've done, weight-loss normally doesn't start until after the 3rd day, and some people don't even lose much until a few days after the DNP stops. I really was expecting the worst today, especially considering it's about 15 degrees above normal today, but so far I actually feel better than I have the past 2 days. I am a little warmer than normal but no profuse sweating. I was planning on today being the last day at 600mg, but I might stay at 600mg until I get a day where I feel awful, and then drop down to 400mg. It's still early in the cycle and things can change quickly, so I'll play it by ear. Shoulder/Tri workout planned for tonight since I changed to a Back/Bi workout on Tuesday. Shoulders and tris were still a little sore from the Sunday chest workout, so I gave them a little longer break this week.

Day 3, PM: I tried an experiment today. I cut off my water intake for 3 hours so I could to see what effect my increased water intake is really having. About an hour into the experiment, I started getting quite warm. My palms were visibly sweaty, my pants were damp just sitting in my office chair (thankfully wasn't visible), and I was generally uncomfortable. At the 3-hour mark I filled my 615mL water bottle, and by the time I had drank half of it I was already cooled down. Could it be the massive amounts of water I'm drinking that has been keeping me from the typical overheat that DNP users experience? After getting back to my normal water schedule, I felt fine the rest of the afternoon. I was again a bit warm when I got home after sitting in traffic for 40 minutes, but by the time I headed to the gym I was feeling fine. I took a 200mg DNP cap an hour prior to my evening workout and another at 10:30. Today was shoulder/tri day, and I had a pretty good workout. I wasn't feeling abnormally fatigued and wasn't too much hotter than normal. I tried to make a few extra trips to the water fountain to keep myself hydrated. I was unusually hungry at my post-workout dinner, so I had an extra chicken breast. By the time it was time to go to bed, I was quite warm. It was 68 degrees at 11PM, and I discovered the wife had closed all the windows on the bedroom level, so I opened a few up and ignored her complaints. Women just don't seem to realize that it is easier to warm yourself up than it is to cool yourself down, especially in bed.
Day 4, AM: 240lbs. I overslept by about 5 minutes, but had no problems getting up. I had a restless night of sleep, same level of sweating I've been having the past few nights. I don't feel particularly tired this morning. Bathroom schedule is finally back to normal, thankfully no diarrhea. I haven't noticed an abnormal urine color, no discolored sweat that I've noticed, I don't think I smell any differently, and no rashes. I would be wondering if I had some bunk DNP if it wasn't for the increased body heat and the fact that the box that the DNP bag is in is turning more yellow by the day. My source is very legit, so not really concerned. Still at same weight, not worried or disappointed yet. Looking in the mirror I see a little more definition in certain areas, but we all know what tricks our eyes can play. Aside from being a little warmer this morning (then again I haven't had any water for the past hour), I am feeling pretty normal. No workout planned for today, leg day is tomorrow and chest/traps on Sunday. Nothing major planned for the weekend, so I shouldn't have any problems staying comfortable.
UPDATE: after going about 1hr 15min between water refills this morning I was very warm, forehead was wet, hands were soaked. Once again, after drinking about 300mL of cold water I was fine. I'm beginning to see a pattern.

Day 4, PM: No workout today, took the wife out for dinner. Felt warm all evening, my water intake was below what I've been at since I wasn't home for a few hours. Still on the same DNP schedule, 1 cap at 5:30 and another around 10:30. It's pretty warm in the bedroom tonight, but this Melatonin has been putting me right to sleep. Halfway through the cycle now, been much easier than I anticipated.

Day 5, AM: 240lbs. I had waken up a few times during the night, my side of the bed was very damp, pillow was damp and I flipped it over every few hours when I woke up. Sweatiest night yet. I'm still waking up every few hours but having no problems getting back to sleep. Got a few hours of extra sleep since it's Saturday. Thankfully it cooled down a lot overnight, only supposed to be in the 50's today. Didn't get my morning DNP cap until around 10 today, still sticking to 600mg per day split into 3 doses. Vitamins and supplements still at the same level from Day 1. Today's workout was at noon, switched to chest day since I will be missing tomorrow's workout and I'd rather do legs on Monday while all the chest/arms guys crowd the benches for their once-a-week workout. I haven't had this good of a chest workout in quite awhile, I was full of energy. Towards the end I started to tire, but that was probably more because of the high-intensity workout rather than the DNP. The water fountain was right beside my bench, so I was getting a drink between each set. I really can't believe I'm not lethargic at all. I drank so much water prior to the workout that I felt very bloated. I have a feeling that I'm carrying a lot of extra water since my weight hasn't gone down. My arms and shoulders are very noticeably more cut than they were prior to the cycle. Wife commented that my triceps feel very tight, like they were going to explode out of the skin. Now if only my abs would start to show their face.

Day 5, PM: I felt pretty warm all day, thankfully it was only in the mid-50's today so I could easily cool off just by going outside. I was probably the only person in town in shorts and a t-shirt though. Didn't feel abnormally tired at all today. Water intake was a bit below what I've been at during the week, which probably accounts for the increased body temp. It's a very cool night, so hopefully I can stay cool in bed.

Day 6, AM: Well I had the worst night of sleep I've had on this cycle. I woke up a few hours after going to sleep and found my pillow was absolutely soaked. I changed pillows and laid in bed for awhile but couldn't get back to sleep. I was burning up and my mouth was very dry. I went and laid on the couch under the ceiling fan for awhile and had some water. I went back to bed when I started to fall asleep. It was only 38 outside, so I cracked the bathroom window a little to let some cool air in. I had a very restless night after that, was constantly waking up but wasn't overheating at all. My mouth remained very dry, despite the fact that I was getting up every few hours to piss and drink a glass of water. Slept in a little longer than normal, so I don't feel too tired so far. No workout today, going to visit the in-laws. Legs planned for tomorrow. Thankfully I only have 3 more nights of this, I can't wait to sleep on fresh, clean sheets.

Day 6, PM: was pretty warm all day but since it was nice and cool outside I was able to step outside for 10 minutes every so often and cool down. Since I was planning to be away from home for most of the day, I took 2 200mg caps this morning, spaced out by about 2 hours, and then the final cap at 9 PM. The bad thing about the DNP is that it's nearly impossible to transport with you unless you can carry around a bottle. It really does stain anything it touches for more than a few seconds. I'm used to tossing a couple ECA or dbol tabs in my pocket and taking them at the required time during the day, but can't do this with DNP unless you like yellow pockets. By the evening I was feeling pretty normal, but it must've been really cool inside the house because wife was freezing and begging to turn on the furnace. Still urinating constantly with this increased water intake. No problems getting to sleep, felt pretty cool in bed.

Day 7, AM: 238lbs. Overall I had a pretty good night of sleep. Woke up around 1:30 and pillow was damp, so I flipped it over. The rest of the night I was a bit cold, so I actually had to get under the blankets tonight. It was around 30 degrees overnight. I woke up about 20 minutes early because I had to urinate. Down 2 pounds today, but the fat loss is even more noticeable than that. I am starting to see some ab definition that wasn't there before, my arms are pretty cut up, and my legs are feeling more solid than they were. Trying to stay away from coffee today to try and stay cool. Part of me is relieved that I only have 2 more days of this, but another part wishes I could continue on for a full 12 days since it hasn't been as uncomfortable as I expected. I really don't want to haul the DNP along with me on my weekend trip and have to deal with the sides and constant water drinking. I also think the wife would make me sleep outside in a tent if she had to go any longer without the furnace being on. I've got enough DNP left to do a full 12 day cycle later this winter when it gets really cold, but the neighbors might have me committed if I'm shoveling show in shorts and t-shirt. Leg workout planned for tonight, guess this will be the true test to see how much energy the DNP is taking away.

Day 7, PM: nothing unusual happening today. I did miss my leg workout today though as I had to run my dog to the vet this evening and got home too late. Now I have to somehow fit a full week's workouts into 3 days since I'll be traveling over the weekend. These cool temperatures outside are really making me more comfortable than I was last week, but it's funny that I'm walking around in short sleeves thinking how comfortable I am while most others are bundled up in coats. I really need to get a thermometer tomorrow so I can check my temp. The last few days I've really been hungry, the DNP must have my metabolism boosted sky high. The furnace is on at home now, but I wasn't too uncomfortable all evening in my shorts and tank-top. No problems getting to bed.

Day 8, AM: 238 lbs. Well today's the final day. I figure that I'll still have some DNP in my body until Thursday morning since the half-life is 36 hours, and tomorrow it should still be at full-strength. I've managed to stay at 600mg/day the entire time. Had another restless night of sleep, changed pillows again at 1:30 am as it was pretty wet. I'm not feeling unusually tired at all during the day even though I'm not soundly sleeping. Despite having a normal breakfast, I'm starving again this morning. I kept track of the water I had yesterday and I've been around 2.5 gallons per day. Was coffee-free yesterday with no problems and will be again today. Hopefully I can stay off of it, I hate being a coffee drinker. Haven't quite decided which body part I'm working today, probably will do back/bis today, legs tomorrow, and some sort of chest/shoulder/tri workout on Thursday. I leave for my trip on Friday morning, so my workout schedule is out of whack this week and next. I'm excited at the prospect of the cycle ending and me losing this water weight I seem to be carrying, hopefully I won't be disappointed.

Day 8, PM: extreme hunger persisted all day, I had an extra big lunch and an even bigger post-workout dinner. Still feeling warm, but it's still cool outside so not a big problem. I did notice I was the only person sitting in traffic after work with my windows down and no coat on. Decided to do legs today since I tend to get sore 2 days afterwards, and don't want to be limping around on my first day of vacation on Friday. For some odd reason, the squat racks at the gym were packed the entire time I was there. Normally there are only 1 or 2 squat racks being used, and normally those are people doing long bar curls. I did manage to get my squats in, but got sick of waiting for a bar to do SLDL's so did ham curls. I normally do calves between squats and SLDL's since those 2 tend to really kick my ass. I wasn't feeling quite as strong on squats, was getting tired faster than normal, and didn't get as many reps as usual. I was also feeling a bit warmer than usual. Post-workout I was actually feeling pretty good, not too warm at all. I had to double-check to make sure I actually took my evening DNP, which I did. Took my final DNP cap for this cycle at 10:30. I feel like I'm developing a sore throat, going to cut back on the Vit C as I've heard that too much can cause sore throats.

Day 9, AM: 236 lbs. No DNP today. Had another rough night of sleep. Twice when I got up to urinate I had to open the bathroom window and let the 30 degree air cool me down. I also at one point went and laid on the couch for awhile to let the ceiling fan blow on me. Pillow was damp, but not to the point that I had to change pillows. Down another 2 pounds today, the weight should finally start coming off it there is more to go. Although I took no DNP this morning, it should still be almost full strength in my body. Feeling pretty warm today, wasn't drinking much water earlier but am trying to suck it down now. Not feeling quite as hungry so far today, but I don't think the hunger really kicked in yesterday until around 11:30. Back/biceps planned for tonight, can't wait until I can get back to my normal workout schedule after all these trips.

Day 9, PM: Still drinking large amounts of water. Hunger again persisted all afternoon, but had another large lunch to cure it. Workout was back/biceps, nothing unusual to report, no unusual fatigue. By late evening, I could tell that the DNP was leaving my body as I didn't feel overheated and was very comfortable at home. I'm skipping the Melatonin tonight, I don't think I'm going to need any help getting a good night's sleep. I cut the Taurine as well today, and the vitamin C is down to 2g per day.

Day 10, AM: 234.5 lbs. Lost another bit of weight in the past day. I'm expecting to start losing the water today. Had the best night of sleep since I started the cycle. No profuse sweating, the pillow was not at all damp. Was perfectly comfortable under the blankets. Didn't wake up a single time until 5:45 to urinate. I was a bit worried that I might develop a dependency on the Melatonin, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I actually wore a jacket to work this morning, and am feeling very comfortable in the office without having to drink so much water. It's been about 36 hours since I took my last DNP cap, so it should be pretty much out of my system. I’m again feeling very hungry. Legs are very sore today. Since tonight is my last night to workout this week before my trip, I'm doing a hybrid chest/shoulders/tri workout. I've been wanting to do some HIT training, so I'll try to incorporate some of those principles into tonight's workout to keep it to a reasonable length. I'll try to post an update this evening, and I'll post a final analysis with bodyweight and body
fat results next Mon/Tues when I return. So far I'm moderately pleased with the results, I was expecting a little more. We'll see what happens over the next couple of days though. I'm wishing I could've gone a full 12 days with this cycle now, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. I'm also impressed with how quickly my body got back to normal.

The perfect “off” cycle
by Jason Mueller

I’m sure by now that everyone is familiar with the use of insulin of bodybuilding circles. Without a doubt, insulin use is the greatest advance in the sport since GH in the early 80’s. I would say that the massive size increases you have seen in the sport over the past five years have been a direct result of insulin use, more so than anything else. Insulin can also kill you.

Most of you are probably aware of DNP’s use in bodybuilding. For those of you who aren’t familiar with DNP, which by the way stands for 2,4-Dinitrophenol, it is an unbelievable fat burning drug. If you’ve ever wondered how a pro bodybuilder drops down from say, 280 to 225-230 in a very short period of time, it’s probably because that particular individual is using DNP with a host of other drugs like thyroid, clenbuterol, etc. In fact, this bodybuilder might develop thyroid problems and balloon up and down in weight, even missing shows or looking horrible at others. Man, good thing this isn’t a real person we’re talking about. Anyway, I digress. DNP is the greatest thing to come along in dieting since, well, I guess it’s about the only good thing to come along that I can think of. And, DNP will kill you quicker than insulin.

Before we continue on, let’s get real for a moment. Please do not use either insulin or DNP. I’m not joking that either of them can kill you, in fact the bottle of DNP I’m looking at right now lists the many horrible consequences of just touching the stuff. Be warned that you are taking your life in your hands by using either insulin or DNP. DNP is used in bug sprays for Christ’s sake. Now that I got that off my chest, we can continue.

I’m really not going to bore you with long and complicated explanations of how both DNP and insulin work in the body, but I do need to touch on the subject. Many of the articles written about DNP refer to it’s abilities to block the actions of insulin. This is true only in a limited sense. Insulin is released by pancreatic beta cells in response to elevated ATP/ADP ratios. Briefly, when your blood sugar levels rise, your ATP/ADP levels become elevated, inhibiting ATP sensitive potassium ion channels (KATP), altering the membrane potential of the pancreatic cells and causing insulin release. The key point here is that insulin will not be released unless ATP levels within the cells increase. DNP interferes with the protein complex ATP synthase, which allows for the synthesis of ATP from ADP and Pi (inorganic phosphate). Since DNP interferes with a key step in ATP production, obviously ATP levels never elevate within any cell, including pancreatic beta cells. Hence, the feedback system through the KATP channels (at least in regards to insulin release), is disabled, and you effectively make yourself a diabetic while on DNP.

The primary action of insulin in the body is to drive glucose into muscle and liver cells (stored as glycogen) which is converted into ATP. ATP again? Since DNP reduces ATP production significantly, it again interferes with insulin by preventing a significant amount of the glucose that is pushed into cells by insulin from ever being used as energy (at least by the cell). So, what is happening to all of this energy that is being expended through the electron transport chain to turn ADP and Pi into ATP? It’s thrown off as heat, and lots of it. In fact, because the amount of heat produced is a direct correlation of how much DNP is consumed, taking too much DNP will cook you from the inside out. Let me repeat this. Taking too much DNP will fry you like an egg. It doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to die, does it? DNP is not one of those, hey a little did me good, more will do me better kind of substances. A little will do you good and more will burn your ass up.

So, now we understand the ways in which DNP interferes with some of the actions of insulin. Another action of insulin (thank you God) is that it promotes transport of amino acids from the bloodstream into muscles and other cells. Insulin also increases the rate at which amino acids are incorporated into protein. Although DNP does block the release of insulin and prevents a key component of the electron transport chain (ATP synthase, remember?), it does nothing to prevent the aforementioned extremely anabolic affect of insulin. Therefore, when you use DNP, you should be administering insulin at the same time. The exogenous insulin will still work its anabolic magic while the DNP burns off reams of body fat through the resultant metabolic increase.

Many so called Gurus are recommending incorporating DNP as a component to any steroid cycle to ensure that weight gained is purely muscle and not fat. While this certainly works great on paper, application is a little different. I am a firm believer in training and eating to grow while on a heavy cycle (and what other kind is there?) Anyone who has any kind of contact with any professional bodybuilder in the off season will see that the chicken and rice thing has been thrown out of the window and that junk food rules the day. Their drug use is of such magnitude that eating clean would simply not supply the necessary calories for growth. Have you ever tried to consume 5000+ calories while on a low fat diet? Good luck. So, while they are certainly growing like a weed in the off season, they also tend to put on a bit of fat. Big deal. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The only time those guys look like that is when they are on stage. Many people assume that the top guys are in shape all year round because they never see any pictures of them in the off season. And with good reason. Most (not all, but most) bodybuilders look like a chipmunk with a walnut in each cheek in the off season. These fellow tend to get a bit fat and bloated from their diets and heavy drug use. Now taking DNP while cycling will certainly help keep you leaner. It will also make you weaker, uncomfortable, and more quick to tire from a workout. Obviously not a good combination for consuming mass quantities while kicking ass in the gym is it? Therefore, we need a schedule for DNP administration. I’m a firm believer in down time from cycles (another article me thinks?), not because of receptor down regulation but from other factors. I propose a system where the athlete uses AS for 10 weeks, similar to the system advocated by Paul Borreson, followed by three weeks of down time. During this down time, 24 days actually, the athlete uses DNP in conjunction with insulin and T3, losing body fat while maintaining lean body mass. The dosing schedule would be as follows:

Last day of AS administration
Days 1-8 DNP with insulin and T3
Days 9-16 DNP is not used, insulin use continues, T3 continues for days 9-12
Days 17-24 DNP with insulin and T3

Psychologically this isn’t the easiest system to use. Most guys who take AS never want to come off because they can’t deal with the trauma of not feeling “juiced”. You know that feeling you have that if your car were flip over twenty times in a horrible flaming wreck it wouldn’t matter because you’re on and you wouldn’t get hurt. That’s the feeling I’m referring to, the feeling that I’m strong, I’m invincible and on top of the world. However, are you taking gear to give yourself some false sense of security or because you want to take your body to previously unseen levels? Every person I’ve seen who takes time off between cycles (we’re talking three weeks here people) is healthier, bigger, and in better shape than those who don’t. Additionally, by staying leaner in the off season, you have less fat to lose before a show, which will result is less muscle catabolism while dieting. I think we’ll see the day soon where bodybuilders are staying much leaner in the off season by incorporating a system like the one I’ve described above, and getting on stage much bigger.

by Jason Mueller

In the last issue of Anabolic Extreme, we introduced the concept of using DNP and insulin in between steroid cycles to maintain size and reduce body fat. In Part II of this series, we'll further examine the use of these drugs and attempt to give you answers to the questions left unanswered in Part I.

Without a doubt, the biggest question people had after the first article was, "Where do I obtain DNP?" I know when people ask this question they are basically asking for an address or phone number they can call an order DNP like a pizza. I'm sorry if that's what you wanted, because it doesn't work that way. DNP is not a chemical that is very widely used, and the industries that use it are very specialized. For example, DNP is used in bug sprays. DNP is also used as a wood treatment. Railroad ties have DNP applied to them to help preserve them. Not very many companies sell DNP because it is considered a hazardous material and companies have to apply to the Department of Transportation to become exempt from certain regulations regarding the shipping and transport of these materials. So, what we are left with is a situation where there exists a very small need for DNP and it can only be obtained from a few companies. Understand that when you call these companies, you're usually dealing with someone who has a background in chemistry and are not easily conned into selling a dangerous substance to Joe Bodybuilder. However, that doesn't mean it can't be done!

The first thing I would do if I were a person seeking DNP is find out what companies actually sell this substance. There are a couple of different ways to do this. One, you can search the chemical companies on the net. There are several different chemical sites that will actually locate companies that sell given chemicals. This takes time and perseverance but is a fairly good way to locate any substance you might be seeking. The other way is to find out what companies can even ship hazardous materials through carriers like UPS. Again, these companies have to file with the Department of Transportation and be granted an exemption from certain regulations. Since this is public information, it's possible to get the list of exempt companies from the Department of Transportation. The regulations from which these companies are exempted are 49 CFR Parts 172 Subparts E and F, 173.25(a) (1) - (4), 174.3, 174.81, 175.3, 177.801, 177.848 and Part 173, Subpart E. What does this mean? How the hell should I know? What I do know is that if you write to the following address, you can get a list of companies that can ship these materials through normal carriers.
Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety, Research and Special Programs Administration
Department of Transportation Washington D.C., 20590
Attention DHM-31

Now the great thing about a substance like DNP is that it's very hard to get. Which means that the average guy probably won't be able to obtain it. My feelings on DNP are that if you are smart enough to obtain it, you are smart enough to use it properly. However, I have noticed that some boards have posts from individuals offering to sell DNP capsules. DO NOT BUY DNP FROM THESE INDIVIDUALS!!! Let's get real for a moment. The dosage of DNP that can kill you is not significantly higher than that which is used to lose body fat. Since we are dealing with very small amounts of material, it's vitally important that the utmost care is taken when measuring DNP. Personally, my life is worth enough to me that I'm not going to trust some strangers skill in very precise measuring, unless that person has gone to school for years like a pharmacist. Once you've obtained the DNP, what's next? DNP is packed wet, moistened to about 20-25% H20 by weight. Because it is considered a volatile substance, it's packed wet to keep it exploding in transport. Before we can encapsulate the DNP, we have to remove as much of the water as possible. For the purposes of this article, I tested a small sample of DNP to determine its volatility. I took a very amount and tried to ignite it under a flame. No dice, it simply melted. I also took a small amount and subjected it to forceful compression, which is a fancy way of saying I hit it with a hammer. Still nothing. So, I assume that DNP is relatively stable. At the same time, I wouldn't try and dry it out in my oven. The most effective way I've found is to simply leave it out in the sun for a day. I've also used a desk lamp when the sun wasn't an option. Despite the results of my two simple tests, I still respect DNP and take great care in drying it out. You should too.
In order for the DNP to be measured out properly, you'll need to obtain a very accurate scale. The scale I use is accurate to 0.1 g. You can obtain scales that are more precise but they are tremendously expensive and are unnecessary for our purposes. The easiest way to find an acceptable scale is visit a smoke shop. Hopefully, everyone reading this article is familiar with the metric system. DNP is best used at a ratio of 4-5 mg per kg of bodyweight. Slightly higher dosages are more effective at burning fat, but come at the expense of an increase in discomfort and are generally impractical for most people. Knowing that 1 lb equals 2.2 kg, a 220 lb bodybuilders weighs 100 kg. Therefore, this bodybuilder would want to consume approximately 400-500 mg of DNP per day. Ideally this is consumed in two equally divided doses, one taken at about 5 p.m., the other immediately before bed. Since most of you will be using a scale that is similar to the one mentioned above, it's impossible to measure DNP with precision accuracy. Realistically capsules will range in potency from 150-300 mg per capsules. However, this is accurate enough for our purposes.
When handling DNP, the utmost in care must be taken not to destroy you house. DNP stains like nothing I've ever seen before. Its fumes will also stain just as bad as the actual powder, so you must store dried DNP in a fashion that does not allow the fumes to escape. Just to give you an example, when I first starting using DNP, I stored my dried out powder on the far corner of my kitchen counter in a flat Pyrex dish sealed in two hefty trash bags. It wasn't before very long that the entire corner of my kitchen started taking on a yellowish hue from the escaping fumes. It's best to store DNP inside a sealed Ziploc bag inside a sealed Tupperware container. When handling the actual powder, cover everything in the immediate vicinity with plastic! Wear gloves and immediately throw them away outside along with any other protective material. If you are lax in your handling of DNP, everyone will notice because your home will be stained a nice urine yellow.

DNP's Side Effects:
Once you start taking DNP, the side effects begin. What follows is a listing of the joys of taking DNP.

The first time you take DNP, you prepare yourself for some excessive sweating. Believe me when I tell you that no amount of hyperbole can prepare you for the actual ordeal you are beginning. By the second day of your DNP cycle, you should be feeling fairly moist. By day three, it's as if someone is twisting you like a wet washcloth, squeezing all of the water out of you. During my first cycle of DNP, I was working in a job that required formal attire. I had to lie to everyone at work and tell them I was very sick and feverish for five days while I was drenched in sweat. Fortunately now I work at home and am able to sweat like a pig in the comfort of my own house.
It's vitally important to drink copious amounts of water while on DNP to avoid dehydration from the excessive sweating induced by DNP. It's also important to stay as cool as possible at night while sleeping. Keep your house as cold as possible and aim at a fan at yourself at night.

Discoloration of Bodily Fluids
From the anecdotal reports we've received, everyone experiences this side effect to one degree or another. Urine becomes a dark yellow, sweat secretions stain clothes yellow, and semen takes on a yellowish tinge. Although the discoloration of bodily fluids is not harmful in and of itself, it can be quite irritating when you've managed to ruin half your shirts and stain your carpet. When I take DNP, I take care not to wear light colored clothing, especially whites. During my first DNP cycle, I ruined several white shirts by staining the collars and armpits of the shirts yellow. Additionally I managed to ruin brand new carpet in my home by laying on it while I was sweating. Unbelievably, it left yellow stains on the carpet that I cannot get out. Finally, I have carpeted bathrooms that are now stained with yellow dots from the shower water bouncing off my skin and onto the floor. DNP users should take care around any fabrics and take necessary precautions to avoid ruining them by allowing them to come into contact with bodily secretions. Once you've stained any material yellow, it's probably not coming out.

Lack of Energy/Lethargy
Obviously, any substance that interferes with your normal production of ATP is going to cause extreme lethargy. Please refer to Article I in the archives section for a detailed explanation of how DNP works in the body. By day three of a DNP cycle it becomes difficult to make it through a normal days activities. Most users will find it difficult to continue on their normal workout schedule due to the extreme lethargy experienced while using DNP. This is one of the primary reasons why DNP cycles are kept very short.

DNP Cycles
DNP cycles are created out of a need to balance the benefits of DNP with the many unpleasant side effects of the drug. For the dosing schedule of DNP, please refer to Part I of this article in the archives section. The eight-day cycles allow for significant fat loss to occur while allowing the user to recover from the trauma of using the drug. Most individuals find themselves at the end of their rope, so to speak, at the end of the eight days. Additionally, longer cycles might result in muscle catabolism as a result of decreased ATP levels within the muscle cell and an inability for the user to effectively train with weights. The dosing schedule advocated in Part I of this article allows for two brief DNP cycles during a "cleaning out" period from anabolics. Not only does this help keep bodyfat levels low, but the anabolic rebound effect experienced after a DNP cycle helps maintain lean body mass while off steroids.

Insulin therapy is crucial to achieve the massive size exhibited by today's professional bodybuilders. However, extreme caution must be exercised when using insulin to avoid a dangerous drop in blood sugars. Compounding this problem is the fact that significant amounts of insulin must be used to achieve the desired effect. In my research, I've seen very few articles accurately state the amount of insulin that should be used to induce anabolism. Most articles quote figures that are next to useless, in the range of 1-3 iu's a few times a day. Realistically, insulin is most effective when used in the 30-40 iu's a day range, with some professional bodybuilders using 3 times that amount!

Carbohydrates must be consumed every time a dose of insulin is administered. A good rule of thumb is to consume 10 grams of carbohydrates for every 1 iu of insulin that is used. Since most doses should be in the 10 iu range, you must consume 100 grams of carbohydrate to protect yourself from hypoglycemia. These carbs should consist of a combination of simple and complex carbs. A few examples of this would be eating a banana with rice or drinking fruit juice with a baked potato. It's imperative that you always have an emergency source of simple carbohydrates on you at all times, whether it be a soft drink, candy bar, or tube of glucose paste. It's also a good idea to inform the people around you that you are using insulin so they know what to do if you start acting funny. Simply tell people that you have been diagnosed as a diabetic and go over the symptoms of getting "low" with them. I go so far as to wear a medic alert bracelet stating I'm a diabetic. Lastly, you should obtain a glucagon pen in case you really get in trouble. Glucagon has the opposite effect of insulin and will cause a massive release of glycogen from your liver and muscle cells.
While insulin will certainly cause anabolism, it also has a tendency to make you fat. The dosing schedule described in Part I of this article solves that dilemma. When insulin is used during a steroid cycle, the fat burning properties of the steroids keeps fat gain to a minimum. When it's used during the cleaning out period, the simultaneous use of DNP will actually cause a reduction in bodyfat while the insulin keeps the loss of lean body mass at a minimum.

Accessory Supplements and Drugs:
While using DNP and insulin, some accessory drugs and supplements are required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of these substances. What follows is a list of these supplements and drugs, along with a brief explanation of each.

Anti-oxidants are of particular importance when taking DNP. In the early 1900's when DNP was used as a dieting drug in this country, a very small percentage of women talking the drug ended up with cataracts. Taking anti-oxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E are vitally important to reduce any risk of developing cataracts and to reduce the damage caused by the increased production of free radicals. Vitamin C can also be beneficial due to its cortisol suppressing abilities when taken in high dosages so consume about 10 grams a day in divided dosages. Vitamin E should be supplemented at a rate of about a 1000 iu's per day.

Glycerol has been shown in some studies to aid in muscle hydration. Dehydration is always an issue when using DNP due to the extreme sweating it causes. Even slight dehydration can cause catabolism in muscle cells, so staying properly hydrated becomes vitally important when using an agent like DNP. Use 3 tbsp a day in divided dosages and try to consume a gallon of water per day.

Carbohydrate Drinks
As stated earlier, bodybuilders using insulin to induce anabolism always run the risk of dropping blood glucose to dangerous levels. Carbohydrate drinks or supplements like Carboplex are quick, efficient ways to ensure you are getting the necessary carbohydrates you need every time you administer insulin. Shoot for 10 grams of carbs for every iu of insulin used.

T3 Thyroid
DNP use will cause a significant decrease in the production of thyroid hormones as your body attempts to counter its significant increase in temperature. As such, supplemental doses of T3 thyroid become crucial to maximize the effectiveness of DNP's fat burning characteristics. T3, available as Cynomel in Mexico, should be used at a rate of 25-50 mcg per day. It's also possible to use triatricol, available over the counter as a dietary supplement here in the US, failing acquisition of Cytomel or Cynomel. Triatricol should be supplemented at a rate of 1000-2000 mcg per day.

Chromium Picolinate
Chromium Picolinate is a chelated form of chromium, an essential co-factor for the proper function of insulin in the body. Chromium increases the absorbability of insulin, helping to reduce body fat and build lean muscle. Most people suffer from deficient levels of this mineral since most foods do not contain chromium. Athletes should supplement chromium picolinate at 200 mcg per day.
DNP and insulin can be combined synergistically for a powerful anabolic/lipotropic combination. Athletes considering the use of these substances must be made aware of all the potential side effects and dangers associated with these drugs. If you are considering using either of these substances, please carefully consider the information presented in this two part series. Hopefully we will help you minimize the risks and enjoy more of the benefits of these powerful drugs.

I know it sounds unconventional, but this has been awesome for me. I managed to gain a pound between my clomid/dnp recovery therapy and now (one week away from starting my next cycle), and my bodyfat stayed the same. Sounds crazy, but here's how it works:

The DNP stops the conversion of T4 to T3 after around 9 days of use. T3 is the main enemy during our off time because it was suppressed during the cycle and now it is rising back up to counteract the weight gain you experienced while you were on. T3 is known to be a fat burner, but it is also highly catabolic, so in other words it wastes muscle and fat as if they were the same thing....not good. So using the DNP knocks the T3 out of the equation and that's one step towards maintaining your new muscle.

With DNP being the great fat burner that it is, you can eat like a horse and experience little to no fat gain...maybe even fat loss. That means you can eat a ton of good protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats to preserve the muscle you gained, and not have to worry about getting fat.

So you have your muscle being spared, and your body is still fighting off the it's time to talk about the nasty part (which isn't too bad).

DNP makes you extremely hot. DNP causes you to bloat. DNP makes you very lethargic. DNP makes you sweat uncontrollably. DNP makes you look flat. DNP makes you weaker in the gym. DNP makes you have neon green body fluids. All an extent.

I used 200mg of DNP everyday for my bridge, but I honestly believe that 100mg everyday would have been plenty to get the desired effects. At that low of a dose, the only problems I experienced was bloating and tiredness after about the fourth week. Keep in mind I was taking all the necessary precautions though. I managed to drink at least 4 gallons of water everyday for that time, but I normally consumed between 5 and 6 gallons everyday. I used all of the required supplements (in large amounts), and added creatine and ZMass PM to my supplement arsenal to fight the loss of strength and the flatness associated with DNP. Who knows what my results would have been like if I would have thrown in 20mg of anavar every morning along with some post-workout insulin injections. That's my plan for next time, along with adding clen in the last couple weeks to help pick-up my energy levels.

Let me say that I don't recommend this for DNP rookies, but after you have a few cycles of it under your belt, then give it a try. I was really amazed with my results.


With summer coming there has been a great interest in DNP cycles. I have had more DNP cycles under my belt than I'd like to admit and I will try to share with you what I've learned to have been helpful when using DNP to maximize fat loss.

These are numbered randomly and not in order of importance:

1. carb deplete for 3 days prior to DNP because DNP will take a good 2-3 days to deplete the body's glycogen stores before it can efficiently burn stored fat.

2. once on DNP eat an isometric diet (33% prot, 33% fat, 33% carbs). isometric by calories not by weight. restricting carbs will put the body in a state of hypoglycemia and can be dangerous to the health and also the mental well being. DNP also mimics insulin in that it shuttles glucose into the cells in the absence of glucose. this is great for fat burning, but when carb intake is too low the blood glucose can be at dangerously low levels as well.

3. wear gloves when handling the caps and the container the caps come in.

4. t4 to t3 conversion in the liver will slow starting around day 4/5 assuming the dose is adequately high to cause enough temperature rise. supplementing 25mcg of t3 is essential. this just brings the t3 level in the body back to normal and maybe slightly above baseline. however, not supplementing t3 seems to give DNP a slight anabolic effect. the depressed t3 levels is very muscle sparing.

5. keep cool! this is very important for your well being and state of mind during a DNP cycle. sleep alone if at all possible. keep the guest bedroom (your new room) cold and get a FAN. do not underestimate the importance of the fan. a 55 degree bedroom plus a high powered fan should be sufficient for keeping you comfortable at night when you sleep. without the fan you might have to sleep in your walk-in freezer.

6. hydration. drink and drink often. don't plan any long road trips while taking dnp...

7. supplements. antioxidants: E, C, glutathione, selenium, and anything else you can think of. take about 2x as much as normal. 1 tablespoon of glycerol 3x/day will help with energy and carb cravings. 1 tbsp of potassium citrate .5 hours before each cap will help with acidity caused by dnp and help with workouts. it also helps people who get nauseated from dnp caps. ECA: I don't like using stimulants, but many people who use this say it helps them curb their appetite and carb cravings. melatonin or GHB for sleep especially the first 3 nights when there seems to be slight CNS stimulation and combined with the heat sleep can be difficult for some people.

8. front loading: this is only recommended for experienced users who are familiar with the dosing of the caps from their source. front loading provides a kick start to get the DNP up to speed in the body because it takes a while for DNP levels to build up in the body. I find this to be very effective. new users should never try this

9. the cycle: I recommend 3-4 back to back cycles of 8 days on and 7 days off starting 25mcg t3 at day 4/5 of the first cycle and carrying it through till 4/5 days after the last cap of the last cycle. with the same supplier I have seen the best results from myself and many others at a consistent dose of 6-7mg/kg-bw. for practical reasons some people can not be hot and sweaty all day long and especially with summer weather coming up it's going to be very uncomfortable at this dose. for this reason a long extended lower dose cycle can be considered. I have noticed some good results with this as well. no noticeable sides and steady losses.

there can be a huge difference between 400mg and 600mg, or b/w 600 and 800. since most of the caps you buy will only come in 200mg caps this presents a problem if you want to take something in between such as 500mg or 700mg without having to break up the caps which will be very messy and inconvenient. here's what I suggest:

200mg/day: 1 cap/24 hours
300mg/day: 1 cap/18 hours
400mg/day: 1 cap/12 hours
500mg/day: 1 cap/10 hours
600mg/day: 1 cap/8 hours
700mg/day: 1 cap/7 hours
800mg/day: 1 cap/6 hours

this is assuming you have 200mg caps. at the high doses the hours separate only by 1 hour, even less if you go above 800mg/day. this doesn't sound like a lot, but it makes a huge difference, especially over a period of 7-8 days.
spreading out the dosing helps to reduce the intensity of the sides at any given moment because the peak heat production is about 1.5-6 hours after ingestion of the cap. this also helps to stop or curtail dosing in case a certain dose becomes too severe in terms of either heat or allergies.

This is what i'm proposing to be the optimal dnp diet:

50% carbs, 35% protein, 15% fat. it's not a misprint, carbs are essential for dnp to work properly. from this point it will get a bit complicated, but read over it a few times and you will get the gist of it. I'll also try to keep it as simple as possible.

when fatty acids are broken down they need to be fed into an energy cycle for a complete break down so that more can be broken down later. the beginning of this cycle is called the citric acid cycle. fats enter the citric acid cycle as a 2 carbon molecule called acetate and to start off this cycle it needs to bind to another 2 carbon molecule called oxaloacetate. without enough oxaloacetate this cycle can not procede. with little oxaloacetate this cycle is slowed down, thus fat burning is slowed down. where does oxaloacetate come from? several sources, but the main one is from pyruvate, the end product of the first step of glucose (carbohydrate) metabolism. without enough glucose in the blood, fat burning becomes very inefficient.

this is not to say the more carbs we eat the more pyruvate we can generate, therefor the more fat is burned. we only need adequate levels of pyruvate to supply the citric acid cycle of the necessary starting material for fat to enter, then it will eventually procede to be completely oxidized in the electron transport chain.

don't worry about eating too many carbs while on dnp because these carbs can not be stored and are immediately used for fuel to try to replenish cellular atp. while keeping the calorie level at maintenance level, it would be most beneficial to eat about 55% calories from carbs, 35% protein and 10% fat (mostly unsaturated). it may be optimal for fat burning to raise the carbs a bit more, but the protein should be high enough so that muscle catabolism is kept at a minimum when dnp creates the huge calorie deficit in the body. Also, this seems to be the optimal time to load up on fruits. fruits delay the gastric emptying a bit to make you feel fuller and it also provides and excellent source of carbs.

the least effective form of dieting while on a dnp cycle is a fat diet, or ketogenic diet, but the high amounts of fat helps to slow gastric emptying, so you feel more satisfied for a longer period of time. this is one reason why I first recommended the iso caloric diet to beginners who may have trouble controlling their appetite while on dnp.


Ok, before I start I need to state that I was partially wrong in a concept I helped create. Good old Andy13 (Yes Andy13.....), was actually right in some respects, so I feel the need to address this. Everybody hates being wrong (including me),and I could've just remained quite and my concept would have probably stood the test of time better than Andy's. But, I happen to be intellectually honest so here goes.

The actual concept was composed of a 3-day pre-DNP cycle carb depletion (Basically very low carbs) that would empty glycogen stores so that more fat was used for fuel once the DNP cycle was started). In laymans terms, low glycogen levels makes fat-burning more efficient.

Now, here is where the confusion got started.

Now, if everything remained the same my concept. Would be right, but the fact is that it doesn't. It’s very important for me to say that NO T3 is used in this cycle.

1. During the 3-day low-cab phase, T4 to T3 conversion in the liver will fall DRASTICALLY. While this is good at the time, it WILL NOT be good once the DNP-cycle is started

2. If the aforementioned 3-day low-carb phase is followed, you will enter the DNP cycle with low T3 levels which WILL HAVE a big-impact on your fat-loss. Instead of the DNP being fully effective for 4, maybe 5 days, it will only be effective for 1(if that).

3. This is where andy's suggestions come in handy. I had to modify them somewhat, but his basic idea remains.

-days 3 and 2 before the DNP cycle:

1. maintain a typical 50Carb/35Pro/15Fat macronutrient ratio.

-1 Day before a DNP cycle: Critical.

1. Follow the same macronutrient ratio as above BUT make SURE THAT YOU CONSUME a lot of FRUCTOSE. Fructose primarily re glycogenates the liver, and the liver is capable of storing 125+g of glycogen. Liver glycogen IS CRITICAL or the proper conversion of the inactive T4 to the active T3. Once the liver is empty of glycogen T4-T3 conversion falls.

2. Do the same thing you did above on the 1st day of your DNP cycle as DNP levels aren't high enough to suppress Glucose-ATP conversion. Hence liver glycogen can be increased. This method will help keep your T3 levels in the normal range for a longer period of time. 6+ days. Of course, with T3 its a whole new playing field as we don't have to worry about low T3 levels. The only problem with using 100mcgs T3+DNP is muscle loss. This however can be overcome with AAS.

Note: On an ending note, T3 supplementation differs GREATLY from person to person and especially from dosage to dosage. At 600mg/day, normally 100mcg/day have to be taken/day to help restore optimum T3 levels. However, I have come across cases where 250mcgs/day were used to little effect (The person however was rather "big"). On lower-dose cycles, 25-50mcgs/day normally takes care of the problem. You should run T3 with extended cycles because the effectiveness of the DNP will suffer because of low T3 levels. Not a lot, but statistically significant.


The 7-day DNP fat loss plan:
The 7-day DNP fat loss plan involves a moderate to high dosage of DNP for fat burning. The DNP fat loss plan involves a 7-day on, 7-day off approach with four distinct phases. Most athletes using DNP follow this type of cycle. The phases are as follows:

Phase 1: The 3-day Carb-Depletion Phase.
Phase 2: The 1-day Thyroxine (T3) Re-normalization Phase.
Phase 3: The 14-day DNP Phase.
Phase 4: The 2-day Post-DNP Phase.

Phase 1. The 3-day Carb-depletion phase.
Phase One has a three-day duration and begins the four days preceding the ingestion of DNP. The purpose of this phase is to deplete muscle-glycogen content by restricting carbohydrates. This is achieved through a Ketogenic style diet.
Kcals should be restricted to 10-12 times bodyweight in lbs. And carbohydrates should be restricted to less than 60g/day. Protein is consumed at 1 gram per pound of bodyweight or higher and the remaining dietary calories should come from fat.
This phase lasts exactly 3 days, and will reduce muscle-glycogen levels so that the body is forced to rely on fat as fuel more readily when you start your DNP cycle.

Phase 2 The 1-day Thyroxine (T3) Re-normalization Phase.
This is a new concept for DNP dieting. During the past three days, the athlete has restricted carbohydrates and as a direct consequence T4-T3 conversion is slowed down resulting in reduced T3 levels. This is bad for the DNP phase, as you need enough active T3 to last throughout the entire 7-day on DNP phase.
Day four of the DNP cycle involves a mega-carbohydrate meal at mid-afternoon (4-6PM) designed to create a massive insulin spike and re-normalize T4-T3. This concept has been extrapolated from ketogenic diets and has been shown to dramatically increase serum concentrations of T3.
Day 4 involves Keto eating until the Mega-carb meal. Then in the late afternoon, at least circa 250g of carbohydrates must be consumed to create an insulin spike. Any sugar (fructose, sucrose, maltose etc.) is fair game. Fructose in particular is good because it primarily re-fills liver glycogen which is directly involved in T4-T3 conversion. (Empty liver glycogen signals the thyroid to decrease T4-T3 conversion).
As a side-note, a 250g carb-meal after three days of Keto dieting creates a more pronounced insulin spike than would a 250g carb-meal after three days of normal eating.
Kcals during Phase 2 should be kept at 15X Bodyweight in lbs. Macro-nutrient break-downs can be calculated by the athlete. The only carb intake on day 4 should be the 250g carb-meal.

Phase 3 The 14-Day DNP Phase.
The first two days of actual DNP consumption are the most important to follow correctly. During Days 1 and 2 of the actual DNP portion of the cycle, it must be determined if the athlete will have an allergic reaction to DNP.
Day 1: 200 mg of DNP is ingested
Day 2: 200 mg of DNP is ingested
At this point the dieter should be able to assess if an allergic reaction has occurred. A DNP-stimulated allergic reaction will lead to swelling in as little as 1 to 2 days time. Approximately 10% of athletes will have such a reaction. The unfortunate few who experience this type of a reaction must terminate the cycle immediately. Benadryl or Ketotifen (Anti-histamines) can be used to treat mild symptoms. Obviously a doctor should be consulted should the symptoms prove more severe.
Day 3: Dieters making it to day 3 of the DNP phase have the option of increasing their dosage. The normal dosage for beginners is 400mg DNP/day. Even an amount this small should provide outstanding results. A word of caution. DO NOT TAKE MORE, if you are not experienced with DNP-use. More advanced users may chose to go higher based on past experience.
The 400mg/day dosage is maintained from Day 3 through Day 9(Exactly 7 days). The last dose is taken on Day 9.

Supplementation and Nutritional Protocol for a DNP cycle:
1. An ECA stack is beneficial while on a DNP cycle as it as it acts as an anorectant. DNP raises Neuro-peptide Y levels in the brain, which is directly linked to increased hunger. Consuming 75-100mg total of ephedrine alkaloids/day should be sufficient to suppress appetite. PPA (Nor-ephedrine) should NOT be used as it causes lethargy when combined with DNP.
2. Anti-oxidants. Due to the DNP induced rapid combustion of fats, free-radical production skyrockets up-wards. To combat this, anti-oxidants must be used. Anti-oxidants are the single most important supplement to take on a DNP cycle.
a) Fat-soluble Anti-O: Vitamin E: 1000mgs/day
b) Water-soluble Anti-O: Vitamin C: 2-3g/day
c) Alpha Lipoic acid: 600-1000mgs/day
Dual-anti-oxidant: BOTH fat & water-soluble actually re-cycles other anti-oxidants.
3. Glycerol: Although optional, glycerol is often consumed at 15ml's 3X/day. Glycerol increases hydration for many athletes.
No additional supplements are really required other than these three. All the rest you have read in various DNP articles are more for peace of mind than improved functionality. I consider them overkill.
4. Water: Not a supplement, but an absolute necessity.
DNP causes sweating and can be incredibly dehydrating. Dehydration is the NUMBER ONE cause of most DNP problems and deaths. Excessive dehydration results in over-heating. Dieters who do not replenish fluids properly while on a DNP cycle could die. The consensus among athletes is that at least two gallons of water must be consumed daily.
5. EAT FRUIT while on your DNP cycle.
Fruit for some reason has been found to greatly reduce the lethargy associated with a DNP cycle. It also has a high water content, therefore it helps to keep the dieter hydrated. Watermelon is an obvious recommendation.
6. Dietary intake: There are several schools of thought on this matter, but sticking to the old standard always works.
Kcals should be kept anywhere from 10-15X Bodyweight in lbs. Macro-nutrient break-downs should be kept at around 20% fat, 30% protein and 50% carbs. (Changing the ratios in favor of more carbs and protein w/ less fat will result in a more fat loss but nothing special. Also, remember that more carbohydrates means more heat.)
Take for example the 220 lb (100 kg) bodybuilder. He would consume anywhere from 2200 to 3300Kcal /day (Depending on his appetite control).
WHAT NOT TO DO on a DNP cycle.
a) Do not under any circumstances consume alcohol or ANY type of diuretic while on a DNP cycle. Alcohol and diuretics will dehydrate you and can cause SERIOUS problems.
b) Do not remain in a hot environment without replenishing fluid loss due to perspiration. This too can also cause SERIOUS problems.
c) Do not begin with a high dosage of DNP if you are a novice. This is just asking for a trip to the ICU.

The half-life of 2,4 Dinitrophenol is 36 hours. So, after 36 hours, there is only 50% of the DNP remaining in your system. Therefore, 72 hours later 25% remains. Then 12.5% remains after 108 hours. After 5 days (120 hours), there's roughly 9% of the DNP left in your body that you had on Day 9. This DNP concentration is low-enough to allow you to begin Phase 4 of the cycle -- the 2-day Post-DNP phase -- without compromising glycogen synthesis rates. Kcals during Days 10-14 should remain the same as during days 3-9.

Phase 4: The 2 day Post DNP Phase.
The whole purpose of this phase is to get muscle-glycogen levels back to normal. The Ketogenic carb-up can be used as a sort of template for this phase.
After Phases two and three, muscle-glycogen levels are depressed and need to be replenished.
Day 15: Carb-intake should be 7g/Kg of LBM (lean body mass = bodyweight minus body fat.) So assuming a 220 lb bodybuilder has 0% body fat, lol, he would consume 700 g of Carbs. Protein-intake remains at 1g/lb and fat is restricted as low as possible.
The focus on day 1 should be on High-GI foods like Fat-free Ice-cream and all the other non-fat high sugar desserts. Calories should be around 4000 for the 220-lb bodybuilder -- in other words, 18X bodyweight in lbs.
Drastically restricting fat is CRITICAL here, as the body is still burning fat for fuel as you replenish your glycogen stores. In essence, the dieter is still losing fat while carbing up.
Day 16: Muscle-glycogen has increased, so carb-intake should be decreased from day one’s 7g/Kg to only 5g/Kg of LBM. That would be 500g for our 220-lb bodybuilder. Protein is 1g/lb again. Fat remains as low as possible. Kcals for the dieter are reduced to 3000 Kcal range, or around 14X Bodyweight in lbs. The focus of Day 2 should be low-GI foods like vegetables, milk, lean meats etc.

Additional Precautions:
Dieters feeling extremely nauseated or who vomit during a cycle should discontinue use immediately and not restart for at least 36 hours.

Dieters should carry a pocket thermometer at all times. If body temperature rises above 102 Fahrenheit then the dosage should be lowered or the cycles should be terminated. Additionally, the dieter should take a very cold bath to lower the temperature.

In addition to water, V8 juice should be consumed. Drinking gallons of water depletes the body of electrolytes pretty badly predisposing the dieter to shock, nausea, lethargy, and even death. V8 is the best for replenishing electrolytes as it contains 950mg of potassium per 8oz compared to Gatorade’s 35mg of potassium in 8oz.

Massive amounts of fruits and sweets should be consumed if one becomes nauseated or vomits – i.e. force feed yourself.
Dieters should never allow themselves to become overheated on a DNP cycle. Always stay next to a fan and keep the air conditioner on. Do not attempt a DNP cycle if you work out doors in a warm climate or another warm environment like a kitchen. Even at low doses this can build up and be potentially dangerous.

There are two versions of DNP – regular and crystalline. Know which one you are taking. When taking the crystalline DNP caps, never take more than 200mg at once if you've never used it before. Even if you are used to it, it is still much safer to spread the dosage throughout the day. Crystalline DNP is much faster acting and can rapidly elevate temperature.

Post-Steroid Cycle Use of DNP:
One of the primary causes of muscle breakdown after a steroid cycle is suppressed TSH. Anabolic steroids suppress TSH, which in turn lowers T3 and T4 production by the thyroid gland. The reduction in TSH is one reason that anabolic steroids are such excellent muscle builders.

Soon after the completion of a steroid cycle, TSH up-regulates, which in turn super-stimulates the thyroid. This excess stimulation causes the thyroid to produce above normal levels of T3 and T4. This increase in thyroid hormones is highly catabolic and is the main reason why people lose muscle post-cycle.

Athletes have learned that they need to restrict T3 production post cycle to prevent muscle loss. A novel approach to achieving this goal is the use of DNP. About 80% of the body’s endogenous T3 is produced from the metabolically inactive T4 to the metabolically active T3. The de-iodinase enzyme is responsible for this conversion. It literally cleaves off an iodine molecule.
By ingesting 200mg DNP/day, the athlete can correct the over stimulated Thyroid, returning T3 levels back to normal. DNP directly blocks the production of T3 from T4 via the de-iodinase enzyme.

As a bonus, the reduction in your ATP stores because of the DNP is counter acted by an increase in the oxidation of triglycerides as an energy source. The benefit is the elimination of any potential fat-gain from the low post-cycle testosterone levels. And as DNP is non-hormonal, it has no effect on HPTA recovery.

After cessation of DNP use post-cycle, the athlete will reap the benefits of the "Anabolic Rebound Effect" which further lends credence to the use of DNP as a post-cycle ancillary for the elimination of any post-cycle muscular losses.

Macro’s DNP Supplements:
200mg alpha lipoic acid 3x a day with meals
1200-1500mg magnesium in 2-3 divided doses.
2-3000mg vitamin C
1200IU of vitamin E
200mcg of selenium.
1000-2000mg of calcium (can’t take it with the magnesium, though. Take it before bed)
Melatonin if you can’t sleep and it is also one of the best and cheapest anti-oxidants.
50mg of zinc a day
one iron tab as hemoglobin is a protein as well.
A potassium gluconate tab or two a day
Taurine at 3g a day.
Glutamine at 15g-20g a day .
1 table spoon glycerol 3 x a day
at least 2 gallons of water
a fan to point at your head while sleeping- or at work- basically anytime you can point a fan at you
500mg grapeseed extract
300mg cranberry extract
600-900mg of green tea
a good mulit vitamin
EC+1g of tyrosine 3x per day and 20mg of yohimbine topically 2x per day- for added energy and fat burning effects

Fonz and Macro
Just remember to be careful with this compound. IMO the dangers are overstated at times but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious in it's use. Personally, I tell people to get their diet and training on track with a weight-loss program and see how far you can get before trying something like DNP.
thats the best post Ive seen on DNP yet. thanks alot. maybe Ill take a 10 day vacation this summer to try it out.
nice post bro! it takes a real man to do above 700-800mg a day! talk about cooking! and i surely wouldnt run in the summer not in the south anyways!
nice post bro! it takes a real man to do above 700-800mg a day! talk about cooking! and i surely wouldnt run in the summer not in the south anyways!
I really don't think anyting over 600mg/day is necessary and yes, I'd definately avoid using DNP in the middle of summer unless is a low dose cycle, 100-200mg/day.
Conciliator bro why don't you correct the article. i know you have done some great research on this chemical. looking forward to this.
I used dnp for 3 weeks early this year and it helped me to drop 30lb!!
I started at 200mg ED (powder form) and worked up to 600mg ED this drug is a wonder drug but must be respected, I had 9 days at home at the start which i would highly recomend so my body could adjust.
Listen to your body, I was constantly thirsty and would often drink a good litre during the night and be constantly sipping throught the day, dont forget to consume plenty of isotonic sports drinks so you replenish the sodium you loose during sweating.
Last point is take it easy, in taking DNP you are putting your body under huge amounts of stress and if you can avoid causing any further stress then all the better, I personally didnt train during the last 2 weeks mainly because I was hanging out of my arse by this point but also because you wont make any gains whilst on DNP and the time awaay from the gym was good.
Conciliator said:
Yikes. This stuff makes me cringe. There's so much incorrect information, it's painful. :thumbsdow
Yes, I should've edited some of it but I didn't have the time. Could you assist me in making corrections wise one? :)
DocJ said:
Yes, I should've edited some of it but I didn't have the time. Could you assist me in making corrections wise one? :)
I know the first issue that will be brought up is T3 use during a DNP cycle. Concilliator has convinced me that it isn't necessary to supplement for T3 during a DNP cycle. Personally, I do it anyways for the added fat burning effect, however, I would never take it unless I was also running a cycle of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) to prevent muscle loss.
Alright here goes the edits I see relevant:

DocJ said:
Most of you who are trying DNP for the first time are not willing to jump in a 20 day cycle right away, so a 10 or 12 day cycle @ 200 mg will be more suitable, just make sure that you carb deplete 2 days in advance for optimum results in such a short low dose cycle...
I don't believe this is necessary, you will not dramatically improve your results by carb depleting.

2. Carcinogenesis -- 2,4-dinitrophenol has never been accused of being a cancer-causing agent, but many people are concerned... and this is not without warrant. In addition to being a phenol, which has inherent carcinogenic properties... DNP produces free radicals and the releasing of compounds stored in the adipose tissue during the rapid fat losing process of DNP can also be potentially harmful...
There no solid evidence that DNP is carcinogenic in fact it may have the opposite effect.

Taking a LOOONG cycle, can cause the muscle fibers to be strained and starved of ATP... thus, leading to possible catabolism....
This is very unlikely.

**** SUPPLEMENTATION*** this is important to the safe-usage of DNP...

***Information taken from DNP Manuel***
Magnesium (1500mg)

Vitamin C (3000mg in divided doses)
1-2g would be fine IMO

Vitamin E (1200 IU in divided doses)
Half that dose would be fine IMO

Glutathione (200mg in divided doses)

NAC (various amounts)

T3 (dose according to personal preference)

Calcium (2000mg not taken with the Magnesium)

5-HTP (if not on antidepressant medication) (various amounts) Meridia,

Redux, or Fenfluramine (various amounts)

Hydroxycitric Acid (particularly in the evenings to curb cravings) Pyruvate (2-6g/day in divided doses)

Glycerol (3 tbsp/day in divided doses)

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (500-1000mg daily in divided doses)
This supplement isn't necessary IMO.
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DocJ said:
And, DNP will kill you quicker than insulin.
I chuckled a little at this one. One could argue DNP is more dangerous b/c it has no feedback loop to "head off" an overdose but kill you quicker? No.

Hence, the feedback system through the KATP channels (at least in regards to insulin release), is disabled, and you effectively make yourself a diabetic while on DNP.
This is a bit exaggerated, but his overall point is noted, however, one doesn't HAVE to take insulin while on DNP.

Therefore, when you use DNP, you should be administering insulin at the same time. The exogenous insulin will still work its anabolic magic while the DNP burns off reams of body fat through the resultant metabolic increase.
See above.

Last day of AS administration
Days 1-8 DNP with insulin and T3
Days 9-16 DNP is not used, insulin use continues, T3 continues for days 9-12
Days 17-24 DNP with insulin and T3
Obviously, this isn't enough time for the HPTA to recover from a cycle but if you're just trying to give your body a temporary break from Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) then this would qualify.

What I do know is that if you write to the following address, you can get a list of companies that can ship these materials through normal carriers.
Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety, Research and Special Programs Administration
Department of Transportation Washington D.C., 20590
Attention DHM-31
True, but the government is well aware of the use of DNP for non-traditional purposes, I wouldn't attempt to get this stuff "legally" as you don't want some fed snooping around asking questions later on. Not to mention the fact that you'd have to buy a large amount from one of these legit suppliers automatically opening yourself up to "conspiracy to distribute."

Which means that the average guy probably won't be able to obtain it. My feelings on DNP are that if you are smart enough to obtain it, you are smart enough to use it properly.
Uhhhh, No, not automatically

Realistically, insulin is most effective when used in the 30-40 iu's a day range, with some professional bodybuilders using 3 times that amount!
I disagree with this, I know many people who use 10-15ius/day with good results. IMO anything over 20ius/day and you're bound to get fat.

Anti-oxidants are of particular importance when taking DNP. In the early 1900's when DNP was used as a dieting drug in this country, a very small percentage of women talking the drug ended up with cataracts. Taking anti-oxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E are vitally important to reduce any risk of developing cataracts and to reduce the damage caused by the increased production of free radicals.
Actually, there was no statistically significant increase in cataract formation.

Chromium Picolinate
Chromium Picolinate is a chelated form of chromium, an essential co-factor for the proper function of insulin in the body. Chromium increases the absorbability of insulin, helping to reduce body fat and build lean muscle. Most people suffer from deficient levels of this mineral since most foods do not contain chromium. Athletes should supplement chromium picolinate at 200 mcg per day.
I've never seen any decent research suggesting that chromium helps reduce bodyfat and builds lean muscle. Many people are deficient in chromium but that doesn't translate into supplementation leading to a lean physique.