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DocJ said:
The DNP stops the conversion of T4 to T3 after around 9 days of use. T3 is the main enemy during our off time because it was suppressed during the cycle and now it is rising back up to counteract the weight gain you experienced while you were on. T3 is known to be a fat burner, but it is also highly catabolic, so in other words it wastes muscle and fat as if they were the same thing....not good. So using the DNP knocks the T3 out of the equation and that's one step towards maintaining your new muscle.
While the reasoning here makes some sense, I haven't seen any bloodwork to back this statement up. Also, I find it tough to believe that the T3 increase post Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) cycle would be large enough to gobble up lots of lean muscle mass.

Keep in mind I was taking all the necessary precautions though. I managed to drink at least 4 gallons of water everyday for that time, but I normally consumed between 5 and 6 gallons everyday.
This might be more dangerous than the DNP. It's TOTALLY overkill to drink 4-6 gallons of water a day on DNP. 2-3 gallons is PLENTY.

1. carb deplete for 3 days prior to DNP because DNP will take a good 2-3 days to deplete the body's glycogen stores before it can efficiently burn stored fat.
Like I said before IMO, this doesn't improve your results much.

2. once on DNP eat an isometric diet (33% prot, 33% fat, 33% carbs). isometric by calories not by weight. restricting carbs will put the body in a state of hypoglycemia and can be dangerous to the health and also the mental well being. DNP also mimics insulin in that it shuttles glucose into the cells in the absence of glucose. this is great for fat burning, but when carb intake is too low the blood glucose can be at dangerously low levels as well.
One really doesn't need to follow a specific nutrient ratio while on DNP. I wouldn't do an ketogenic diet but pretty much any other one would be fine. A traditional BB ratio of 50%C, 40%P, 10%F would work.

4. t4 to t3 conversion in the liver will slow starting around day 4/5 assuming the dose is adequately high to cause enough temperature rise. supplementing 25mcg of t3 is essential. this just brings the t3 level in the body back to normal and maybe slightly above baseline. however, not supplementing t3 seems to give DNP a slight anabolic effect. the depressed t3 levels is very muscle sparing.
Ahh the debate over T3 and DNP rages....Concilliator please chime in.

don't worry about eating too many carbs while on dnp because these carbs can not be stored and are immediately used for fuel to try to replenish cellular atp.
Yes, but be reasonable. One cannot "pig out" on carbs while on DNP. We're essentially creating a caloric defecit while on DNP and downing lots of calories in the form of carbs won't result in large amounts of bodyfat reduction. more.
DocJ said:
With DNP being the great fat burner that it is, you can eat like a horse and experience little to no fat gain...maybe even fat loss. That means you can eat a ton of good protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats to preserve the muscle you gained, and not have to worry about getting fat.
This is VERY misleading. One cannot eat with abandon and expect DNP to magically burn up all the extra calories, just eat like you'd eat on a maintenence or slightly below maintenence diet and you'll lose bodyfat.
DocJ said:
I know the first issue that will be brought up is T3 use during a DNP cycle. Concilliator has convinced me that it isn't necessary to supplement for T3 during a DNP cycle. Personally, I do it anyways for the added fat burning effect, however, I would never take it unless I was also running a cycle of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) to prevent muscle loss.
i like 12.5 to 25 mcg ed myself .and then its upped at the end of dnp for a few weeks .
DADAWG said:
i like 12.5 to 25 mcg ed myself .and then its upped at the end of dnp for a few weeks .
This is exactly what I do...if I don't around day 9-10 the DNP dose I'm using starts to lose it's effectiveness quickly. I realize this is a case for T3 being useful with a DNP cycle but from a physiologic standpoint it shouldn't be necessary to get good results.
hey bro new to the forum, tried dnp once before with great results. ..........................
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