Melanotan 2 - anyone run this

Thanks to Roush for starting this thread and putting me onto this stuff.

I've pinned 4mg over a week and a half, I've gone tanning once and laid out once for 30 minutes. My friend commented today "you've turned 4 shades darker" and another said I was lucky because "you don't get red, you just go straight to tan".

Like halfwit, I too take meds that make my skin flush a bit red. With the tan you don't notice it anymore.

No random boners for me or libido increases at all. I also bought RUI ipt-141 and pinned it 3 times. The only effect that gave me was a headache. I'm assuming some folks just don't get the libido increase from this family of peptides. Good news is that I had very few side effects from the melanotan- first 2 times some flushed skin and about 10 min of nausea, very manageable. After that maybe a fleeting touch of nausea immediately after pinning.
It's good stuff. I can't remember my dosing protocol but after two weeks I was hitting the highest bed on the longest setting every visit.

Girlfriend would swear I came out darker immediately after a session in the tanning booth, and people at work would always ask "OMG, how did you get sooo tan?" Lol