MK 677 one bad mutha f@Ck@ know as Ibutamoren mesylate!!!!!

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First and for most I like to thank doc B Henry with Entourage clinic for really taking his busy time from so many patients he has and council me as his patient, he is a true professional doctor "on a 1 on 1 protocol..

he also takes his time as a doctor to really care for his patients, he really listens and gives an articulate response on point, also when he sends packages through his laboratory pharma grade A1A F.D.A all approved and he says 2 days he backs it like a man backs his words period...

that said, I received my package in 2 days no delay all uniquely packaged tight wrapped in air bubble wrapping with Instructions, needles and bac water, that and all about Entourage clinic ... ''PRICELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE" ..
Finally on my report
I just got the most potent of all peptide ghrp/sermorelin acetate 20/6/15, also along with it IBUTAMOREN MESYLATE A.K.A "MK 677" 25 mg capsules, today I popped one pill in a bout 10 minutes later a HUGE PEP!! an "AWESOME SENSE OF WELL FEELING" and last me all day ..

for more info

MK-677 is a potent and selective ghrelin mimetic that robustly increases growth hormone. MK-677's effects may prove useful for athletes, the elderly, and nootropics enthusiasts.

MK-677 increased growth hormone, IGF-1, fat-free mass, TASM, body weight, total body fat, mean fasting glucose, while decreasing LDL cholesterol.

Growth hormone. After 12 months of MK-677 treatment, there was a 1.8-fold increase from baseline in 24-h mean growth hormone.
IGF-1. Serum IGF-I levels also were increased by 1.5-fold
Fat-free mass. Fat-free mass increased 1.1kg with MK-677 treatment
TASM. TASM is the total appendicular skeletal muscle mass (limb lean) from DXA; sum of lean soft tissue for arms and legs. TASM decreased -0.3 kg with placebo and increased 0.5 kg with MK-677
Body weight. Body weight increased by 2.7 kg with MK-677 vs 0.8 kg with placebo.
Total body fat. Total body fat increased 1.8 kg with MK-677 vs 1.1 kg with placebo.
Shoulder flexion total work. Shoulder flexion total work decreased with placebo, but there was no decline with MK-677.
LDL cholesterol. At 12 months, low density lipoprotein cholesterol increased 0.12 mmol/L with placebo, but decreased -0.14 mmol/L with MK-677.
Glucose. Mean fasting blood glucose did not change with placebo and increased 0.3 mmol/L with MK-677.


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Is the elevated fasting blood sugar and body fat increase in line with other GH release promoters? It seems I read about GH dropping body fat. Is .3mmol/L blood sugar relevant to someone with normal blood sugar? I wonder if the subjects were "on the loose" and had appetite stimulation or something.
After reading about AAS for years peptides/RC/and these flip the game on its head in a way. Like going to a goal bottom up rather than top down. Rather than having multiple compounds acting on the same thing these have multiple things to cause a re-action in whatever.

I recently found out benzos can have a negative effect on GH but only through one of the mechanisms. I don't want lowered levels but I also don't want to use something that acts on the pathway my meds screw with.

Benzos are like a deal with the devil. I've cured my curse of epilepsy at the cost of hormones. . . . But that's ok. It's easier finding new deals than it is finding another seizure med and they are talking brain surgery at this point.

I'll be adding this to the "research list". A little fat wont hurt me, elevated blood sugar can help me with high intensity physical exertion and exhaustion I get and the lowering of LDL seems good for someone on TRT and the possibility of LDL going up.


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Elevated blood sugar yes - GH desensitizes you to insulin to some extent. Elevated fat no - GH tells your body to burn fat instead of blood sugar for energy, so it lowers fat - at the risk of inducing diabetes type effects in some people.

That's why you are not supposed to each carbs after a GH shot, proteins and fats are ok.

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''LivingBig'' great to hear your experience, was that pill ugl or over the counter? or prescribed? because I hear a lot from of scam from ugl or over counter, now mines are prescribed and work with potency, I'm burning fat just by typing..


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The mk677 I had was definitely real, I have no reason to doubt my source at all and I definitely had insane cravings on it