Most Winstrol per day that you have taken


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I hear some people going up to 100m/day with amazing results, anyone go higher and if so, how happy were you with the results?.......J
Heyyo said:
I've heard of guys going up to 150mg ED but at those doses they started suffering Mental side effects as well as unbearable pain.

I didn't believe that but my friend told me same thing that Winstrol (winny) makes him think he is crazy.....

Does Winstrol (winny) have any psychological effect on human brain?
(Thinking and acting)
150mg ed but i would do it again if someone paid me---it was the darkest urine i have ever seen and i was drinking about 2 gallons of water everyday and taking ala and milk thistle
I took 100mg ed of the QV Stan 100 when it first came out, I had to quit four days later due to extreme joint pain.
There is a big difference for most people between 50mg and 100mg. I use 100mg because the results are astounding. However, many people get sides like joint pain at that dose when they don't at 50mg. So you really have to test it.