Muscle/ligament/tendon tears?


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I know its sometimes possible to tear a muscle, tendon or ligament when lifting really heavy. This is one thing that worries me because i have heard a lot of horror stories. What are some causes for these injuries, besides liftin heavy while on cycle? All i know is muscle strength improves a lot faster than ligaments and tendons. What can be done to speed up their development? Reason im worries is i have already had recnet exceptional strength gains in most every lift possible (ex. bench weight increased by 65lbs with perfect form) and i just began fina which will be run for the next 5 weeks, and fina is known for freaky strength gains. Im just lookin for precautions to take without sacrificing heavy weights in the 6-8 rep range.


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HGH is the only thing I know of.
And prolotherapy injections if the tendon/ligament has some damage.
Flawless form, and not too deep on bench.


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So HGH is basically the only known way. Its permanent tho right?

People have been known to tear a muscle when they r using a manageable weight they normally use. I have known a few people who have done this. What exactly causes a muscle tear? Too Big a stretch on the muscle with a heavy weight? Overtraining? Not giving the muscle sufficient recovery time?

Also, not goin to deep on chest, as well as not gettin a huge stretch on other muscle groups while your strength is shotting up does sound very sensible. Thanx for the info buffdoc.


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I tore my deltoid doing a vertical chest press machine. Ironically, I had stopped benching to give my joints a break. I was going for a stretch and think I went too far. Right after a 4 mo cycle, too so for me too much weight combined with new exercise and too much stretch.