my bulking cycle--14 weeks


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I begin in september my bulking cycle(it will be my third cycle); my aim is to gain only quality muscle and good size:

-trenbolone acetate 100mg/eod w1-8
-EQ 500mg/w w1-10
-winny 50mg/eod w10-16
-testo enanthate 750mg/w w1-14
-clomid therapy w16-18+ (5mg dbol/ed in am)

I add 25mg proviron/ed + nolvadex 20mg/ed so as to reduce water retention and risk of gyno.
As for HCG, when must I add it? every 4 weeks? and otherwise pls critisize mates
looks fine, I would up the eq and drop the test if it was me, but that is me. Also, i am not sure about the am dbol, my friend tried to get me to try it, but i didnt. If you are going to do it, i don't think 5mg is enough, people usually use 10-20mg. I probably would have tried 15.

I don't remember your age or stats, so this is just a general opinion. I am not real sure about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) as everyone has different opinions, but if you do a search you will see all the conflicting ways people run it.