my cycle please critique......


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This is my first cycle , and some people say I should not run the d-bol since it is my first cycle, but some say i do...
Here it is:
1-4 wk DBOL mg/ed
1-10 wk Deca 300mg
1-11 wk Test Enan. 400mg/monday and thursdays?
I need info If i should take nolavadex everyday and how much?
Also heres a ? for all you deca and dbol users has anyone ever gotten gyno off either on the 1ST CYCLE?
Thanks everyone for all the help on this board
please advise,
well....since it's your first cycle you might want to take one of the compounds out....but then again, for my first cycle...I did Test/EQ/d-bol...and got great gains. They all have spectacular qualities that you want. the d-bol should be at about 20-25 mgs/day for a first cycle....

You don't need to take nolva every day....just take it when gyno starts kicking'll notice it. as for the dosage...I'm not too sure...but someone else will surely tell you.

if you want an anti-e during your cycle use arimidex at .5mgs ED or EOD.

Why run the test for 1 extra week???

What about post cycle therapy with clomid or HCG???
Hey i was gonna do clomid
i do 300 mgsfrontload right? and then what for the clomid?

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agiraldo said:
Also heres a ? for all you deca and dbol users has anyone ever gotten gyno off either on the 1ST CYCLE?

Yes you can get gyno on a first cycle, that has no bearing whether you will or not. You should do a fair bit of research before you embark on this. The gyno you get from Deca is a different kind than you get off of D-bol or Test, Progesterone vs estrogen based, therefore treatment and prevention are two very different and distinct things.

The other thing I was wondering is with your Test, is that dosage of 400 mg twice a week or once a week, it's just a little confusing the way you have written it.

Also, can you post your age, weight, height, & cycle goals, that just helps everybody help you more.

btw, Welcome to the board !!
you would need bromo for progesterone induced gyno(deca) and nolvadex for estrogen induced gyno. (d-bol and test)

don't use these until there are signs of gyno because it will diminish your possible gains.

with test enanthate, you will only need one weekly injection of 400mg

run the nolva 2 weeks after your last shot of test. and run it for 2-3 weeks. it will help with retaining your gains.

and above all, eat like a horse. muscles won't grow without enough protein in your diet. the juice will only provide an optimal growing enviroment, it's up to you to get the nescesary calories