my guys should like this :)

Johny J

never gonna be a ***
Gonna be a doozy. Never used this much shit. Last cycle was 250mgs of test and 400mgs of deca. I respond well, what can i say. Weighing about 245lb right now. So this next one shall be...

Test- qv enanthate. 1000mg frontload, 750mgs a week for 10 weeks
tren- 100mgs eod weeks 5-12
Igf-1- 40 micrograms a day, 20 in the am, 20 post workout. Weeks 5-8
proviron- 50mgs ed, weeks 5-10

Coming in 2 weeks. Lets see what happens, eh? Figured you guys might be curious of the Igf-1 results and shit. I will post up. Any questions?
If you noticed good results with deca400 and testo250 this it what I would do with your gear. 750mg frontload after that 500mg EW.
50mg Fina ED instead of EOD. Other than that...your cycle looks solid