My first cutting cycle


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How does this sound as my first cutter?
days 1-50 : ANAVAR@60mg/day
days 1-46 : test prop 100mg/eod (approx)
days 1-50 : proviron@50mg/day
days 1-50: nolvadex@5mgE.D
days 51-onwards pct

weeks 1-2 : hcg500iu/day (will 250 i.u per day suffice?)
weeks 1-4 : nolvadex 20mg/day

I`m 6 foot 7 ,30 years,256lbs @16% bfat, i`ve been training for 12years and only did 1 cycle 14 weeks on (437mg test enethate+350mg deca+75mgproviron,hcg500iu`s/week) last year , where i gained a massive 27lbs and maintained 22 after pct.

The problem with this cycle was bloatness, but i think the main reason for it was the high car intake 400-600grams LOL

also i`m concened whether or not to use hcg while on such a short cycle, what do u think. on my last cycle i recovered fully, and never had libido issues,

outlawtas2 said:
Why nolva throughout, for gyno?

Otherwise looks fun. How's your diet/cardio?

nolva for gyno,bloatness,and for cholesterol, only a minimal dose

diet is perfect, i`m losing fat without cardio :)
will begin cardio in 3 weeks , 3 times weekly for 2 months

then more intense cardio and the cycle..

i have no problem losing fat... but this cylce will hopefully keep all my mass,