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Hello everyone,

I am considering my first steroid cycle in the next few weeks but I need some advice from people who use and understand them!!

I am brand new to steroids and nutrition but have been training for along time. I constantly have people in my local gym, friends and family giving me advice on what to take, eat, drink and training techniques. This is all well and good but they all seem to contradict each other and I don't really know who is giving the correct information. I understand that everybody is different and products effect people in different ways. I have done loads of research online but I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on a couple of things.

I am 25 years old and have been training on and off for about 6 years but have been constant since last last year. I have tried numerous diets and training routines but I still don't believe I am hitting my absolute peak and making the most out of my workout. I'm 5,7 and not to sure on my BMI but if it helps i have a little bit of a gut and just want to shred the last bit. Below is my current diet and training schedule.

Keto diet - Pretty much everyday all week except Saturday night (treat)

Breakfast - 4 eggs scrambled
Lunch -Meat/fish - salad / mayo / cheese
Dinner - Meat/fish - Broccoli / mixed veg

1 coffee
1 green tea
2 Litres of water if not more

Monday - Warm up - Gentle jog 50KM - Chest and Tri - Finish with high intensity sprints 40 seconds on & 40 seconds off full speed on Treadmill - Until I cant go anymore

Tuesday - Warm up - Gentle jog 50KM - Back and biceps - Finish with high intensity sprints 40 seconds on & 40 seconds off full speed on Treadmill - Until I cant go anymore

Wednesday - Warm up - Gentle jog 50KM - Shoulders - Finish with high intensity sprints 40 seconds on & 40 seconds off full speed on Treadmill - Until I cant go anymore

Thursday - Warm up - Gentle jog 50KM - Abs - Finish with high intensity sprints 40 seconds on & 40 seconds off full speed on Treadmill - Until I cant go anymore

Friday - Long jog / run - Until shattered - Normally about 1 -2 miles

Saturday - Normally rest - Have treat

Sunday - Legs / Short run if I can

I dont use protein shake at the moment. Could do with advise on whats the best lean brands.

I am looking at starting a cycle of Test and Anavar 8-10 weeks but I am unsure if this will be right for me or not.

Finally this is the questions for you all ........

A - Will my diet suit an introduction to anabolic steroids or will I need to introduce carbs and more meals?
B - Do you all think Test and Anavar will be suitable for my first cycle to cut me?
C - Is my gym routine ok or do I need to alter alongside using steroids?
D - Any information on dosages, HCG and PCT please.

As I have said, I am brand new to this and anything you could advise will really help me.


Leon :afro::afro:
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Welcome, be sure to read the beginners cycle thread in my sig, lots of solid info on how to do a proper first cycle.


Welcome to the site! You are starting a test and anavar cycle, which test? what dosages of both? what would your pct look like? what about hcg?
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How much do you weigh? Read the first cycle article in Milton's signature above. Test ONLY is a fine first cycle. Why?.......because if you experience sides you know what is causing them. Stick with one compound and never introduce more than one new compound each cycle......though this is still risky business. Stay on top of your AI, use hcg if ya wanna keep the balls up and working, use long ester like cypionate or enanthate for less pins, have pct in hand before first injection........AND MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL FOR THE SUCCESS OF A CYCLE IS YES!!!!YES!!!!!DEFINITELY YES.......YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO EAT MORE. Eat clean and eat a lot. Slim down before cycling because it helps keep e2 low and its just more fun to start of lean so you can see your results. In case the diet statement didn't get my point across I'll mention again......please eat a lot of clean food.......A LOT.

Now of course all this is doctor prescribed and the process will be doctor monitored. The doc will keep an eye on your estrogen to make sure it doesn't get out of control, will monitor blood pressure which will surely rise some, and will keep on eye on your hematocrit numbers to make sure it doesnt get too high. Will likely tell you to donate blood as often as you are eligible because it will help keep that number where it needs to to avoid the elevated stroke and heart attack risk.

Good luck and have fun bro


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Thanks Latestart

I will alter my diet to eating more like 5 meals a day!
Is it best to stick with Keto diet or do I need to introduce carbs while taking test?

Is HCG the natural hormone? If so I can get tablets to work alongside the course.
I have heard I may need to some tablets for MOOBS ( Man titties ) Is that so?

I may not bother with anavar then if you that may be best for stripping fat.

Cheers mate


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To be honest with you mate. I have no idea!
I have been advised to take 300MG a week of Test E and x2 tablets per day of anavar but as said above, everyone has advised me on differently .
Is hcg - Human chorionic gonadotropin - natural hormone? Ive never had many dealings with it or heard about it before. I will do some reading up on it :)

Pct is a concern of mine as I have done some reading but I could do with advice on that to be honest.
Do you have a good idea on how to use and what to use?


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Yes you need an AI (anastrozole) and you need ALL of your PCT lines up before you start. HCG you'll likely pin twice a week and can do it when you do your cypionate or enanthate. And yes you will likely need some carbs to get through your workouts and to help the healing process. Read 3js stuff about diet and cycling.

Read the first cycle sticky mentioned several times above. Come back with some questions.

Good luck bro


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3J will give you some good advice and lead you in the right direction. arimidex or aromasin for an ai, (aromasin works for me) clomid and nolvadex for your pct too bro.

and be sure to read the beginers threads above like it was said above.
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