My ip winny 50mg....


since the going concensus is that they are underdosed, shall i take 3 of them a day or 2 a day and how would you split once or all together....

newsbc said:
there are recent tests on xxxxxxxx aussie corner showing 43mg per tab.

I seen some tests up to 48mg per tab, hard to believe I have some and done some I must say I got an amazing pump take per-workout but either than that I noticed little growth of em but always take when stacked with various test so hard to tell.
Heyyo is right on the money. You just dont know if what you are taking is overdosed or underdosed. What are you going to do if its overdosed and your running in excess of 150mg ed? Your liver would hate you for the rest of your life.
I would try 2 a day.. my friend grew like a weed on those...until the joint pain became unbearable.....................