my second bulking cycle (changed)


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wk 1-3 500 mg sos/wk (250 E3D), Deca 300mgs/wk, 50mg nap dbol ED
wk 4 500mg sos/wk (250 E3D), Deca 300mgs/wk, 75 mg anadrol ED
wk 5-10 500mg sos/wk (250 E3D), Deca 300mgs/wk
start clomid 2 wks after last injection, 150-200mgs first day then 100, then 50 for a week. If more needed, can get.
Also I was thinking of using some tribulis terrestis I already have to stimulate natty test some. I will also take for heart, prostate, and liver because of orals the following: Hawthorne berry pills, garlic pills, saw palmetto, milk thistle, cranberry juice. I will discontinue my vitamin and flax seed since I will be eating alot especially during the orals and should get everything I need including EFAs. I am 6'1" 220 with BF% 8-10 range since my abs are great in the morning and post workout (other times holding water I think). This cycle will begin in May (will be off for four months). Any suggestions greatly appreciated on anything.:)
You better have Nolva on hand......I think the first two weeks it is recommended to use Sustanon eod by one ampoule.......
change, my dbol is IP not nap, dumb I know. Need nolva, ok, what about everything else. I think I will split the 50mg tabs up and take 25 morning and 25 preworkout. ???
It looks good to me unless you need to do the Sus eod the first couple of weeks........Some might say no Anadrol but that will depend on how advanced a user you are.......See what others say......It looks like you have a well thought out plan........
Why are you taking the Anadrol for only 1 week? Why not either substitute with the D-Bol or take Anadrol instead of D-Bol. I don't see the point to run 3 weeks of dbol, then 1 week of a-50.