My Upcoming Pinnacle Cycle. Seeking thoughts.


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Hi All:

I am one of the original Pinnacle customers and gave them a lot of business in the past and am now ready to put a cycle in play. This will be cycle #3 for me. My first cycle was test only with D-Bol added at the end from Z and it went great. Cycle 2 was one to forget. Sciroxx that did not do nearly what Z did for me and sent my estrogen nearly to 500 (yes, 500) - with an Aromatase inhibitor (AI).

So, this is CYCLE#3

Test -E @500/wk for 20 weeks
Deca @400/week for 16 weeks
TBol @50/day for first 5 weeks

My Aromatase inhibitor (AI) will be RUI Stane taken daily
HCG (not Pinn) will be taken at 500 2x week (along with regular injections)

Once again, all Pinnacle gear.


My main goal is to add mass and increase my chest to waist ratio. Health is very important as is hair loss.


Clomid for 4 weeks
Nolva for 6 weeks
HCG Blast


212lbs - up about 7lbs this winter holiday season, but happy to have motivation now. Usually get up to 225lbs on cycle
high 30s in age
BF, about 15%
lifting 12-13 years


I've been lucky to work with 3J in the past and am pulling out one of the old diets he put together for me. I can't say I can follow it 100% due to my job, but it is good.


Day 1 - Chest, Triceps, 20 min HIT cardio
Day 2 - Back, Bis, 20 min HIT cardio
Day 3 - Off
Day 4 - Legs, 20 min HIT cardio
Day 5 - Cardio and core/abs, 20 min HIT cardio
Day 6 - Off
Day 7 - Repeat

Notice that shoulders are missing? That is because I currently have pain in one shoulder and want to give it some rest for a month before bringing it back in with day 5.


1. How does the cycle look? Test to Deca ratio? Would it be considered safe for my goals?
2. Concerned about HIT cardio on cycle. Should I do low intensity cardio instead for 30 min?

Thanks and stay tuned.


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16 weeks for deca is definitely on the high end. I wouldn't run a 19-nor that long but it's your call. Pinnacle and 3J....this should be a good one. With the deca and tbol you may find you can work shoulders sooner than you think.


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hcg at 500iu 2x a week so 1000iu a week ? isnt that kinda steep , and may want to consider an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) for deca prolactin issues


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hcg at 500iu 2x a week so 1000iu a week ? isnt that kinda steep , and may want to consider an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) for deca prolactin issues

True didn't catch that. Do you have prami or caber on hand? Keeping E2 levels in check with your aromasin might resolve any potential issues before they occur but not worth risking it.


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I like that you're running Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) during and a blast...especially with a such thing as too much with PCT.

My only critique would be to run clomid for 6 weeks and nolva for 4 because nolva puts a hit in your igf-1 levels and although it can help recovery your natural test levels alot, igf-1 is very important in growing and holding onto your new found muscle. A good Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) blast combined with some aggressive clomid would probably do the job...

But...can't overdo PCT


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Thanks guys. My bad on the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) ius during cycle. Meant to say 500ius a week, with 250ius each time. I am doing the blast exactly for the reasons Thades mentioned. I will be shut down and am running a long cycle. This will be my only cycle this year.


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Anyone have more thoughts? For my Aromatase inhibitor (AI), I plan to use Aromasin at the end of each day. I do have other options, but trust RUI.