Need help! Low natural test going for first cycle


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New to the forum, and was hoping that someone would help or shed some light.

26 years old with low test symptoms throughout my whole life. I used to be sub 10% BF but ALWAYS had a chubby area around my waist line. Little facial hair, little body hair.

Regarding my training and interest in AAS
Active [3 - 4 times a week HIIT for 3 years and lifting the past year ]. Never done AAS before.

I was planning a test E only cycle - 250mg per week with adex eod, nolva and clomid for PCT.
Diet and training are on point.

Before doing anything else, i took a blood test to check out my test levels because i have been feeling like sh*t lately and wanted to make sure nothing was wacky before starting AAS. This is the first time i've ever got a blood test for testosterone. The result was 9.9nmol/L (range of 9.9 - 28.4 nmol/L). Considering how low my testosterone is, will I have any issues kick starting it with clomid? Will it be better after the Test E 250mg PW cycle? Will it be a huge problem to keep my gains since my natural test is so low?

I am a newbie but i have done my research, so I appreciate any type of feedback! I appreciate constructive criticism and will approach your suggestions with an open mind.



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Ok there's no way you were sub 10% bf with a little chubbyness around the waist.
Doing a cycle with low t will not help your situation whatsoever. You will go back to what you are now if not worse as far as t levels and gains go. Kick starting your cycle with clomid? What exactly would that do? Nothing..

If you have low t you need to see a doc and get put on trt. Doing a cycle will have no benefits. You will feel good on cycle then crash back down to where you are now, possibly even lower. You need to get your situation fixed first...


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Thanks for the insight, I must agree that my body won't sustain the gained mass post pct with such low testosterone. Do you think 9.9 nmol/L is low enough for TRT?


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At 26 years old, and bottom of the range? Might need to shop around a couple of doctors before you find one willing to help. What I mean is don't give up if the first one or two docs says no.