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I and started at an anti-aging clinic a few months ago. I have a follow up appointment in a week with my doctor but I get my blood work through the health system website and notice my labs look wacked out now. I was looking for help in understanding why. When I first got my blood work done for pre treatment my stats were 32 yrs old 5'8 218 lbs. high BF but also high muscle percent. Once my labs came back they put me on the hcg diet 500 calories a day so I inject hcg 200 units a day for 43 days 200mg of test cyp 2x a week with 1 mg of anastrozole 2x a week with the test. MIC/B12/L-CARNITINE 10/40/40/1/100MG once a day. I understand the test cyp sounds like a lot for trt at 400 mg a week. At 3 weeks into the diet and regiment I have lost 17 lbs of body fat haven't lost any strength and don't feel like I've gained any significant muscle I work out heavy and do cardio 6 days a week. I had my blood work done a few days ago at 5 weeks on the diet and medication regiment and this is the before and after. I should note though that I do tend to starve myself on some days not eating period. Overall I feel very good, high energy and libido is high. I should also note I take an "all in one supplement for mens healther which includes 10,000iu of vitamin d a day and 100MG DHEA a day.

start of meds and diet August 2nd blood results Sept5th blood work results

glucose 89mg 79mg

Albumin 4.5g 5.3g

SHGB 28nm

IGF-1 135ng 132ng

DHEA 176 mcg rr 82-448mcg 610mcg

Total testosterone 438ng rr 250-1100ng 907mg rr 241-827ng

Free testosterone 63.4 pg rr 46-224pg 18.4pg rr 5.1-41.5pg

vitamin D 37ng 41ng

PSA 0.6 0.8

TSH 2.17ulu 4.37ulu

T3 free 2.6pg rr 2.3-4.2pg

progesterone 0.3ng rr .3-1.9ng 2.0ng

Cholesterol 165mg rr 100-199mg 256mg

HDL 55mg rr 40-59mg 41mg

LDL 99MG rr <100 193mg

triglycerides 54mg rr 50-149mg 112mg

Insulin fasting 5.1mu rr 3.0-28mu 1.9mu

HS-CRP 1.52mg rr <3.0 high risk 2.82mg

T4 .96ng rr .6-1.8 1.00ng

estradiol 25pg 29pg

hgba1c 5.4 rr <5.7% <4.5

Some results came from different labs which is why I added two reference ranges for those particular ones.

Also where there is missing data It means I have not gotten results back yet or at all. I should also note that I have more bloodwork coming back and done that is not noted. I'm curious why I have many great changes and labs outside of reference ranges now including significant ones like cholesterol and insulin. Im also curious why my total T is high now which is obvious why but then again my free T is within normal range. I was under the impression that would work together. Also it makes me nervous seeing my hs-crp rise. Any help and info is appreciated. As I said I see my doctor soon but Im curious for the time being. I will update results and answers from my doc as I go. Thanks.

I should also mention cbc was no different nothing abnormal same with kidney and liver function


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Something is not adding up here? You are on 400mg test cyp weekly? You started aug and these are from September? They started you at 200iu daily of HCG for the diet?

Are you currently eating 500 calories and day?

Please clarify this for me

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The first sign that you should run away from this supposed clinic is that they put you on the hCG Diet which was debunked decades ago. Doctors are not allowed to promote it anymore.

It looks like your 500kcal diet has done a nice job of making you Hypothyroidal. You need to eat a better diet. Start tracking your macronutrients.

I am skeptical that your are taking 400mg per week of Testosterone becuase your TT is only at 900ng/dl.

There's a lot more to comment on but I will stop here. You need to find a real doctor.