Need help with HCG mixing


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I'm gonna do a cycle with a friend, we've got all the stuff we need but I have a question about the HCG. I bought 3 HCG Pregnyl that are 5000iu because we both needed 7500iu (500iu evey week for 15 weeks). They come with 1ml solution , i don't know what it actually is because the writing is in another language. I watched alot of videos about hcg before i bought it and they all throw away that vial and mix it with 5ml-10ml bac water so it's easier to dose.

Turns out the pharmacies in Spain don't carry bac water and I have no idea where to find some. Anyone here from Spain that found and alternative or a solution to this?

I was thinking of mixing the 5000iu with the 1ml solution , draw it all in 2 0,5ml insulin syringes so we both have one and refrigerate it and pin only 5iu( 250iu of hcg) and put it back in to the fridge. Is there any problem in doing that? Would that last 5 weeks in the fridge? Also when i mix the entire 5000iu with the 1ml solution for myself for the next 10 weeks is that gonna last that long?

I am so lost...


You can make your own bac water. Or just order it on the internet. I would do that rather than using the ampules that came with your hCG. It is sodium something. I can't recall the exact name right at the moment.


And don't reuse the same syringe for injections. Leave the hCG in the vial (stored in your fridge). Draw the correct dose for each injection at the time of injection.