Need your input on fat loss as well as water retention please help


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Hello fellas. I am a 24 year old male and I have been having major problems since 18 keeping bodyfat low as well as getting rid of water retention.

Now, I know that estrogen has a TON to do with water retention and heightened estrogen causes a bunch of water retention. I remember having a blood test about last year, showing low total testosterone (for MY age)... it was about 481 and that is WITH lifting, as well as plenty of daily zinc and good nutrition. My estradiol was pretty high end of normal.

I think this is why I have estrogenic type of body fat distribution especially as I store a TON of fat in my buttox (so much that girlfriends used to think it was musculature, there is literally many pound of fat there) Also, I hold a lot of fat in my thigh area, it is where MOST of my fat goes.

ON top of this, with that fat there, even when I get to my absolute lowest bodyfat level which I can NVER get below 14%. 14% is my LOWEST and that is WITH cycles of TTA, reduce xt, and HIIT every other day....

In addition to all that bs, I have HUGE problems with water retention as even 40% RDA of sodium causes major subcutaneous bloating in me for many days. The same thing happens if I have even 150 grams of carbs so I am constantly low carbing...... Without the TTA and reduce xt and hiit, I can get 15% bodyfat lowest. It is damn ridiculous.

I get a ton of water renention throughout my body and get total moon face as well that only subsides to being CLOSE to normal once every week or so.... This is unacceptable, so I came here to ask you guys the following.

Would going on an aromatase inhibitor like arimidex, or aromasin, cause my estrogen level to not only go down, but go down enough that I will finally have the ABILITY to start working to lose my estrogenic fat? Also would going on said inhibitor finally make this bloat go away?

I hear bloat gets worse for females when estrogen is higher hence the bloating around their time of the month. So obviously estrogen has HUGE implications in fluid retention. So again, do you guys think that starting an aromatase inhibitor to lower estrogen would

A) help with my long term water retention


B) Allow my estrogen to go down enough that I can finally have the sheer ABILITY to lose this annoying estrogenic fat.

My diet is VERY much in check and diuretic only SLIGHTLY lessen the water retention no matter what diuretic I use. It is so stupid. Please help guys I really could the use the input.